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Ferritin vs HB as proxy for iron deficiency / iron anaemia

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My first time commenting here!

When assessing a child for their likelihood of having a coeliac condition - a child with an IG(A) deficiency, what vitamin insufficiencies do you look at to support or rule out a potential case.

My son’s doctor has said that the only important thing to look at, when checking to see whether a patient is anaemic as a consequence of being coeliac, is their HB levels. Says that ferritin is irrelevant.

I myself am often iron deficient and the GPs are only ever interested in whether my ferritin levels are OK / off, so I don’t understand what the difference would be for a child who may or may not be coeliac.

He has lots of other symptoms, btw, not just this.

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Hi Geogeor here's a link about anaemia and iron deficiency in children with some tables of iron ferrirtin levels at differing ages. I'd have thought that the Dr would have carried out a full blood screen suspecting malabsorption.


I hope this helps as it must be a worry.

Jerry 😊


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