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Lactose intolerance

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Hi all I was diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance and IBS about 3 years ago. All was going well until about 18 months ago. Now severe bloating, cramps, back ache, head ache, nausea. Could this be Lactose intolerance? P

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I'd suggest you speak to your GP about it to rule out anything serious.

It could be a lactose intolerance, there'd be no harm in cutting out dairy for a month to see if your symptoms improve, but just make sure your GP is happy there's nothing more sinister going on as well.

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Alybubbles in reply to Cooper27

Thank you x

Hi Alybubbles,Sorry to hear you are poorly. It is embarrassing and uncomfortable. I hope you have supporting people around you.

Like Cooper said check with GP. If you are going to give up lactose just be aware that it is also hidden in medications as well - some antispasmodics, contraception etc.

I hope this helps. Wishing you better soon

🐳 x

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Thank you x

Hi Alybubbles. I remember you from your post a few months back regarding suspect lactose intolerance. Have you managed to give dairy products a break for a few weeks since then, or have you not ventured that direction yet? You had mentioned your GP had suspect/suggested it might be lactose/dairy. Lactose is only one element of dairy, so it might be the whole dairy product, not just the lactose. If just lactose, you can buy lactose free milk and cheese, but can also purchase enzymes from places like Holland and Barrett. Might be half-way house to consider just trying lactose free dairy products for few weeks also.

Hi, I kept trying, but it’s so difficult to know what to eat! However, this time I’m going to definitely do it. I have been feeling so unwell, I need to do something. Xxxx

It is easier once you get into it. I had to go dairy free as had progressed from intolerance to allergic reaction. There are tonnes of dairy free alternatives out there, and the lactose free milk/cheese/yogurt is in all the main big food retailers if that is an easier one to try first. The unfortunate downside is you won't know if it is or isn't lactose/dairy until you cut it out for a number of weeks, and then reintroduce for a few days. A few weeks will go in quickly once you get started.

Ok. So a few weeks. I’m going to do that. Have you ‘milk’ that is ok in tea & coffee? I’ve got Soya but it is yuk in hot drinks x

No, never found an alternative milk that I could tolerate in tea. I ended up just opting for black tea and have been drinking black tea for about 15 years now and can't imagine putting milk in it! The only alternative milk I like is the sugar free soy milk. Soy milk is ok in coffees from Starbucks, etc., but I can never make it work ok at home without it separating in the cup. I've never tried rice or almond milk in tea, so they might be worth trying. I think the non-sweetened varieties are probably better in tea.

Think I’ll go with black tea! Or Mint tea. Thanks xxx

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Penel in reply to Alybubbles

I recommend ginger tea if you need to settle your stomach.

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