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Food labelling

I have been using Wings International in Hull for the last two years and four months, with the dishes being well informed on the ingredients I had limited dishes but I could have few. Recently I went back to Wings to find that the ingredient labelling had changed an£ that 98% of dishes now contained gluten. I had a chat with a member of staff about the changes and h3 told me the food had not changed it was just the labelling to protect the business. So I contacted Trading Standards about the changes and was told that a child had eaten food with an undeclared allergen in it, it was not gluten. The result is after two years of having the same dishes on many occasions without any issues you find that those foods are now labelled as containing gluten. There are now so many rules about labelling foods it is now a minefield of chance of what you can eat so further restrictions and less help for coeliacs.

I think that this has gone OTT and if it contains any5hing from wheat, rye, ba4ley or oats it should be labelled as containing cereals, the same with soya, you can be allergic to soya and a Coeliac knows not to have foods with soya sauce because it is usually made with wheat.

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