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Do they always check for celiac when doing a gastroscopy?

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I had a gastroscopy done a year ago to test for H. Pylori. There was no H. Pylori, but lately I'm starting to think it could be celiac.

They didn't mention it though, so does this mean I'm don't have Celiac disease or can it also mean they just didn't test it?

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When I had my upper endoscopy they did biopsies. I think you have to ask them to check maybe or if they suspect that they will. They said I had chronic inflammation but they didnt think it was celiac, but I had stopped eating gluten for 4 years before. I had ended up in the hospital with high bg, ketones, weight loss and vomiting etc, crashing bg every time I ate. And other stuff. After I got out people told me to avoid gluten for cross contamination as well, so I sterilize all the dishes and also I don’t eat any other grains. It helped a lot. It’s Not perfect, but much better. I’m assuming I do have celiac or gluten sensitivity that behaves similarly. Some vitamins and minerals are out of wack too, so I have absorption problems.


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