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Hi there,

I am kind of new to this whole Gluten free experience. I have been diagnosed as Coeliac and I have the list for getting stuff on prescription as get 18 points allowance however I have no idea what the best products are.

I have bought some fresh seeded loafs and thought they were nice they were Genius loafs and cost about £3 for a small loaf but on the prescription list the fresh loafs take up most of my points.

Any advice regarding this would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Personally i found it better to get the pasta, flours and long life bread on script and get the fresh bread i like best from the supermarket

    . Its not likely that you or i will be getting gf things on script for much longer, so it may pay you to stock your cupboards with things that will last.

  • Whys that Lisa has something changed that means we will no longer be getting this on prescription?

  • Yes been big news. Cost cutting by nhs. Many people have already lost theirs unless they fall within certain criteria.

  • I have only just recently been given my prescription which is why I was a bit surprised to read this

  • I no longer get GF on prescription here in Shropshire, unfortunately, it will be the same everywhere soon.

    GF bread in the shops is ridiculously expensive at £3 per small loaf, it actually works out at FIVE times more expensive per 100g than normal bread.

  • Hi nomorebeer, unfortunately a 400g loaf of Juvela costs the NHS £8.40 when its £2.80 in Tesco's. My GP told me this last year.

    Some of us feel that the best coeliac diet is one that is naturally GF and as unprocessed as possible.

    And I wish you well with your dietaidyfrew and we all know what a shock it is being diagnosed with CD. So you're in good company on here and soon you will be looking at everything that you can eat rather what you have to avoid.

    Jerry 😊

  • Hi Jerry, yes I know it costs the NHS a lot and I'm happy to buy what I need myself, I only ever ordered bread every now and then, and occasionally GF flour so my wife can bake with it, but I do feel for the people who genuinely can't afford the staple foods and therefore go without.

    I was diagnosed about ten years ago and I find that it is still a nightmare finding somewhere to eat safely, many still don't fully understand about cross contamination, even in places where they cater for coeliacs.


  • Hi Brian, you make a very valid point about cost and protecting less well off coeliac. And the cost is why paracetamol are so much cheaper in Tesco's compared the the chemist.

    As for eating out its a risk eating GF food prepared in a gluten based kitchen and many of us feel the same as you and I was diagnosed 25 years ago and I don't risk eating out.

    Jerry 😊

  • I'm trying to be as natural as I can Jerry... all dinners are made from scratch and i never use flour when cooking anyway so in a way I've been eating gluten free for a while as like to do clean eating but it's still taking a bit of getting used to. I love bread and this is the hardest part although the fresh gluten free seeded loafs are nice but just not enough in a loaf

  • Hi Andy, well done for cooking meals from scratch, I make my own bread using naturally GF ingredients and here's a link:

    Another really good alternative to bread is flat bread or pancakes as they are quick and easy and wholesome.

    Jerry 😊

  • In my area they don't give you gluten free on prescription. So I think you are lucky.

  • No i dont get it here in shropshire either just like nomorebeer, nothings forever.😀

  • Hi folks... i've come across this recipe for bread it's called oopsie bread.

    Can someone have a look please and let me know if this was definitely gluten free?


  • sorry forgot to post the link lol

  • Looks fine to me, no gluten in it. Psyllium is high fibre so doesn’t suit everyone.

  • Thanks Penel

    We are having these tonight along with Tuna Cheese Melts and thought best to ask

    That site Diet Doctor seems to have loads of gluten free options on it

  • I cooked these without psyllium they were okay!

  • Urbangirl we also cooked them without psyllium we used coconut powder instead and they turned out okay as well 👍

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