gluten allergy or coeliac?

does anyone know if the difference between these ? my heart is racing and palpitations especially after eating something with gluten by mistake. is this a sign for anything? i get red dry patches on my arms too and well as fatigue ... I'm so confused

thanks everyone

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  • Yes you can be ‘just’ gluten intolerant and the only way to know if you actually have coeliac disease is to get blood tests followed by endoscopy normally. But for that you do need to be consuming quantities of food containing gluten.

    The itchy patches could be dermititis herpiformis which many people with coeliac/ nsgi suffer with, it often flares up when having had gluten.

    I would suggest you talk to your dr and see if they are prepared to do some testing for you to confirm a diagnosis.

  • No such thing as a gluten allergy, you can be wheat/barley/rye allergy but not gluten, to find out go for the skin prick test. To be diagnosed as a Coeliac first the blood test, positive or negative followed by the endoscopy biopsies minimum four biopsies, but it will only prove either way your Coeliac or not. Palpitations may be Atrial Fibrilation get it checked by cardiology and any rash by dermatology, it’s not always a Coeliac condition...I get Anaphylaxis with any cellulose product and an allergic reaction with any formaldehyde item. As for Coeliac Disease it’s vomiting when I ingest any wheat so don’t put every thing down to gluten

  • Oh really? i must have read an unreliable article then. it mentioned 5 different types of allergies to gluten. well either way I guess ithe doesn't matter I have to stay away from it all. I've done to the blood test for coeliac but came back negative ... however I was already gluten free at the hat stage. doc won't give me endoscopy...I will ask again but I've asked about 100 times. I always throw up when I eat wheat.....I get drowsy and a rash on arms with barley. I never eat rye so don't know. so I stay away from it all and from dairy and soy. sometime in find it hard to beath after ingesting these things and get similar symptoms to anaphylaxis. so I'm very confused.

  • Yes really...twice diagnosed CD with 45 year break. Cooked for 45 crew with wheat etc but now cannot even tolerate any wheat based flour. I get covered scalp to knees with a rash which is nothing to do with gluten. I get Anaphylaxis not due to gluten but an ingredient in foods ie, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, hypromellose, E 464, I bleed from barley or rye. All ok’ed by CUK.

    Had you ever had an anyphylaxis episode you would have had an IgE skin prick test or tryptase blood test. Are you under an allergist? I bet not. What’s the bet your soya milk has maltodextrin in it....a wheat derivative, yes really!

  • i have had exstreamly bad allergic reactions that have the same symptoms as anaphylaxis bit obviously not severe as I would not be here otherwise. the reactions I had were worse when I went on holiday to Poland and didn't go to hospital. so I didn't get a skin prick. when I told my doctor of not being able to breath and other symptoms she laughed brushed the reacation under the carpet. I have since left her practice.

    I do not drink soya milk thank you. I am gluten dairy and soya free. I am not under an allergists no because my doctor will not refer me to one. I have been to a private one who said I was severly allergic to dairy and slightly to wheat barely rye and eggs. this is all I know.

    I am trying to discover what is wrong with me and am looking for helpful advice from people.

    There is no need for that attitude in your reply to me. I find it quite offensive I am simply asking for advice thank you

  • You are asking for advice yet you are abrupt when it is given. There is no attitude given except what you want to hear, Who has diagnosed you with having Allergic reactions? Mine is 45 A & E visits, 200 mg hydrocortisone & 10 mg Chlorphenemine every visit in 3 years do not criticise myhealth conditions get tested...

  • I think there is a certain way of saying some thing. I did not criticise your health conditions. that's all the advice of need from you thank you

  • You ask for advice and when it is given you do not like what you are told. Why are you not taken to hospital for your allergic reactions or those similar to Anaphylaxis?I am each time and get tachycardic these reactions are considered life threatening.

  • I haven't went because during my worst reaction it was abroad and I didn't want to go. yes I should have but I pulled through it. the other reactions I also should have went but I didn't....there that is the answer. I hate hospitals and they are really far away from me and I didn't want to drive. I don't need to explain this my post was whether there was such thing as gluten allergy or not. that's all.

  • I did reply to your question. Gluten is three proteins out of 2700 found in wheat, 90 proteins can make people ill and 3 affect Coeliacs.

  • Coeliac UK are an unreliable site being a business that gets a percentage from the gluten free market and does not cater for sensitive coeliacs. You know your body better than anyone else and must do your own eliminations to find what suits you, we are not all the first diagnosed in 1955.

  • thank you very much I will look at these articles

  • Hi mdoh

    It is possible to have a wheat allergy, so perhaps this is something to look into.

  • A wheat allergy is usually found by skin prick test because it is an IgE allergic reaction which can be found in the blood. Both can be carried out privately which is quicker than NHS.

  • hi I was told I had a wheat allergy about a year ago. was done privately in a health shop though so I don't think it is accurate. because I started out not eating wheat and felt great .. but now i can't eat wheat, dairy, gluten. I had blood tests done a few months back and they said diary was the main culprit. so it's don't understand why it's get so many allergic reaction symptoms when I eat certain foods. 😐

    thank you for your reply I will take a look at the link 😄

  • Unfortunately, it is fairly common to be allergic to more than one food. You need to check labels on any foods you buy to make sure they do not contain the problem ingredients.

    Another link that may be useful is this one explaining allergies.

  • Allergies are not always down to foods there may well be environmental causes ie perfumes/body care products. The cause needs to be found first

  • A health shop is not reliable, accurate or accepted. The best way to get further tests is to go to hospital with any allergic reaction, if your blood pressure drops below 100 systolic, wheeze on chest, low oxygen saturation, your tongue swells then you have Anaphylaxis and require the use of an Epipen. It’s protocol to treat you with 200 ml hydrocortisone & 10 ml chlorphenamine and remain in hospital under observation in case you have a secondary reaction.

  • I know it's very difficult. I can't seem to find the cause. I have eliminated so much from my life. including perfume, certain soaps and makeup...many many foods. my symptoms are much better now but because I eliminated so much I don't know what the cause was which makes going out scary. I did have a wheeze on chest, heart palpitations, drowsiness and coma like state of sleep...a feeling if being high or drunk...crawling skin and trouble swallowing. I rang the hospital they said it was fine. I told the doctor a few days later and she laughed. if it happens again my mum has agreed to drive me to a and e.

    the problem is any Ige bloods have been done days after the reaction so are not accurate. and I am too scared to receive introduce the foods I have eliminated to test for reaction. I will speak to my doctor again this week about what too do.

    thanks everyone for all the knowledge

  • Can I suggest that the next time you get a reaction call for paramedics (ambulance) because what they do when they arrive is critical to getting a diagnosis. To also help a tryptase blood test should be carried ASAP to your reaction and again several hours later. I am a bit different I have systolic by of up to 230.

  • Yes I will next time, thank you. though I hope it will never happen again. but definitely will call them next time it happens 😊

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