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Heartburn / Acid reflux

Hi all.. I inadvertently ate some gluten recently. I was aware pretty quickly of my mistake so had only eaten a tiny bit. I anxiously awaited for the vomiting to start..But it never did.. What happened instead was that I had 3 or 4 days of horrendous heart burn and acid reflux..

Has anyone experienced this.. And I wonder if its the amount of gluten ingested that makes the difference, previous to that I'd eaten quite a large portion (a pizza I was told was gluten free) and vomited rings round myself..

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Hi Weee,

Having heartburn for three or four days must've been quite uncomfortable and more than a tad unpleasant.

I used to get an awful lot of heartburn prior to going gluten-free. But needless to say, these days I rarely get it. I still have the antacids in the drawer just in case though...


Thank you for your reply Regalbirdy, It was awful, I was swallowing gaviscon, rennies and drinking milk like it was going out of fashion.. So glad its gone now. I can add it to the list of nasty symptoms of being glutened..:(

I was on lansoprazole for ages last year but my liver test went a bit awry, so I stopped and was surprised to find I was coping well without them.. And also glad I don't have to go back on them..


Where did you suffer I'm suffer under and below right rib and going round right rib between ribs nothing g helping


Hi Susiewoo1983

If I eat gluten then I have intestinal pain on my left side (below the ribs). However if you talk to other people, some will say they get it on the right side.

If you have concerns and if you haven't already; please DO go to see your GP about having a Coeliac blood test - it's so easy!

You're most welcome to PM me if you want to discuss things further, rather than continuing on such an old thread.



Thank you mine is below left and its right side. I don't know how I would send you a pic of where the pain feeling is. It feels so raw from belly button. Like an s shape going round all right and between ribs burning. I've asked loads of people on Facebook group. Been in and out of hospital. Could it be acid?


Hello Wee - heartburn was the key symptom for me that something was wrong. I had the most dreadful stomach contractions too - actually in my stomach - I could see and feel it contracting. Since going GF I very rarely get this but if I eat anything a bit dodgy then I get heartburn pretty quickly after eating the stuff. Pre-diagnosis I used to live on Rennies and loved their chewy sweeties! I don't even keep them in the house now it is so unusual for me to get this symptom. However, I have been seriously glutened a few times when I had a big time response which was not pleasant and an all night job in the bathroom!

I am curious as to why we should get heartburn as a symptom. If you watch TV adverts for remedies there are quite a lot indicating this is a common complaint that tends to be associated with overeating, spicy foods etc. I think there are lots of people on medication for heartburn which I think has been discussed elsewhere.

So I get heartburn very occasionally if I eat anything dodgy but it is nothing like what I got before going GF. I would be grateful for an explanation if anybody knows one.


Where did you suffer?


I had dreadful acid reflux/ heartburn resulting in being sent to a and e to have my heart checked out! I knew it wasn't a heart attack, how embarrassing, but when the symptoms didn't clear after a few days my dr referred back to hospital for endoscopy.

The results showed my coeliac was under control but I appear prone to acid reflux. Talking with the consultant at the hospital we reviewed my medication and he suggested I come off everything I was on- omeprazole being one, also I was taking ibuprofen for arthritis pain.

I put myself on a very strict diet, paleo style. Once I cut out the tablets, and a few other things such as onions following my research, I found that ibuprofen can cause, 'leaky gut' which can result in acid reflux. I have healed slowly. One of the things I do that I find helps is to take two teaspoons of cider vinegar in my morning smoothie.. Look it up, it sounds weird but it's something to do with your stomach not producing the right kind of acid, and the cider vinegar certainly helps me.


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