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GI problem?

Just hoping someone might be able to help shed any light on what I am experiencing, I have been trying to follow the scd diet to get better. But I am vegan so mostly I have been eating alot of fresh foods and some potatoes which I can take only baked. My body was managing that, but unfortunately I have been glutened accidently a couple of times in the last 6 months ( one at a wedding) and one with a brand of cocoa I didn't know had gluten in the processing and maybe not fully healed from that, but I seem to be getting more frequent bleeding even though I have not been eating the foods which I thought were triggering this such as, grains and beans etc. anyone else get bleeding or any suggestions? Could it just be some wierd infection? Thanks. My list of foods seems to be getting less, and I can't figure out what is triggering this. Is bleeding a symptom of caeliac?

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Please go and see your doctor as soon as you can. Bleeding, from somewhere you should not be bleeding from, needs investigating. I am not aware of it being a symptom of coeliac disease.


Thanks for your reply Penel, you are right, I may just have to do that, I am kind of scared of Doctors. I need to get it sorted. if anyone else has any info I would be grateful. Thanks again.


Rectal bleeding can be a symptom of vitamin K deficiency caused by coeliac disease but is very uncommon. It is much more likely to be a symptom of IBD, a disease that coeliacs have an increased risk of developing.


Hi Cherrychip :)

As Penel said, you need to see a doctor asap!!! (Within the next 24 hours). I'm not sure which country you live in but if you call NHS 24 hour helpline they will tell you exactly that.

I know this because I had rectal bleeding a few weeks ago and I panicked, rang them and that's what they said.

It can be very serious, so you need to get it checked out just in case.

In my case, it was just piles, which is caused by straining (from constipation) so that the blood vessels burst in your rectum. Another cause could be a tearing around the anus. Both of these are very common but should still be checked out. They're characterised by bright red blood on the paper or in the water.

If the blood is darker in colour and sticky then it may be from the digestive system. This can turn your faeces black/plum coloured. This may be a medical emergency and you should see your GP immediately or call 111.

There are so many things it could be. I hope you get it sorted soon :)


Here's some more information on rectal bleeding:


Thanks this info looks good. Thanks for all your help.


Thanks Mj93, it is both dark blood and red blood. Aargh, I know how to stop the blood as mentioned to Gerry, but I need to get to the cause. Thanks for your help, I will take on board what you said re: GP.Gulp.


Ok good luck with going to your GP :) You can do it!


Hi Cherrychip, I agree 100% with the others that you must see your GP as it can be caused by many things including piles as stated above.

I have been told that I have microscopic colitis as I have bouts of passing blood and I have to avoid all astringents like aspirin and alcohol and even tho' I was diagnosed with it over 15 years ago my Dr described me as incredibly healthy last year.

What many people do not realise is that our colons are designed to pass spent blood cells as our bodies make new ones all the time and these de oxygenated/spent blood cells pass through our colon wall into our stools. When a 'normal healthy wheatie' drinks alcohol they will pass a little blood but not notice it and the same goes for aspirin and the like.

I was offered low level steroids to see if they strengthened my colon wall but I declined and I just avoid the things that inflame my colon. Many coeliac suffer from this as gluten not only attacked our villi it also inflamed our colons so microscopic colitis is more common amongst coeliac and other autoimmune disorder sufferers.

Being a vegan coeliac you have to make sure you have plenty of iron and still have a balanced diet and here's a site that may interest you:

And good luck at the Dr's


Thanks Gerry, when you say avoid the things that inflame your colon, would you be able to give me any more info on that, because I have been wondering if the bleeding was related to that in any way. I probably do really need to force myself off to the doctors, and if I didn't know how to stop the bleeding I would probably be way more scared. But I use cayenne pepper powder taken internally several times a day if I have bleeding and it cautirises the blood and stabilises the blood pressure within a less than a minute and contains lots of healing properties that are good for the gut, you just have to build up to it, because occasionally I have been in agony when I have had too much all at once. The thing is I am concerned I need to get to the cause, before it gets any worse. Generally speaking I am healthier since giving up gluten, but I think I had done a lot of damage before I went GF free without actually relealising how much at the time.


Sorry I meant Jerry, and I will be sure to check the link, thanks everyone.


Hi again and please don't worry about spelling my name wrong, I've been called worse LOL

Now I think that you need to see your Dr whilst you are passing blood so they can make the correct diagnosis for you.

I will tell you something else and that is the shock of realising that you're passing blood can be worse for you than the actual cause as it's natural to feel shock and suffering from shock has a dramatic effect on our bodies as it kind of goes into shut down mode.

Now you've asked me what I avoid and I avoid all alcohol and I never take aspirin I try and avoid all medications as ones like antibiotics inflame my gut. So what I did was get diagnosed by I my gut specialist and avoided the above and found that my guts returned to normal so now if anything upsets me it is usually easy to pin point.

I'm not sure about the pepper as that may work but then cause inflammation so you end up in a catch 22 situation.

So don't be frightened to seek medical advice that's what Dr's are for.

And good luck.


Hi Jerry, LOL.Thanks I feel alot better now, and yes I really was shocked and scared, because Sometimes there has been an awful lot of blood, but I have avoided things slightly, thinking if I avoid eating certain things I will be ok etc. Anyhoo, your right about the Drs so I will get sorted with them A.S.A.P as I think I obviously need to get it sorted and thanks to everyone for the encouragement. If anyone else does have any further info, I would still love to hear. Thanks.


Hi cherrychip did you go to see the gp?


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