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GF Irish Soda Bread Mix


This is a fabulous GF bread mix. Very tasty and very’s mix in the bag, pour into the tin (provided) and bake. It uses milk but you can use any type, you can also add nuts, seeds or dried fruits to taste. Hope this is interesting to someone.

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Hi Mitch, nice photo and it looks wholesome, I couldn't see the ingredients which I'd need to know, in case of oats.

It could make a nice present for a coeliac so thanks for sharing,


Ps I like your table cloth 🦋

Mitch55 in reply to Jerry

Sorry Jerry, it is oats so not suitable. 😢

Jerry in reply to Mitch55

Hey it still looks lovely 😊

Darn it re the oats, as that bread looks lovely! Great post tho, thanks

Thanks. I’m also struggling to see a full list of ingredients. Do you have them?

Mitch55 in reply to Lynneypin

No, Lynnepin, I just recycled the empties. I’ll post ingredients as soon as my new order arrives. I thought it was on the website but couldn’t find it.

It’s gorgeous bread if you’re not sensitive to Gf oats.

Thank you - that would be great. X

A list of the ingredients should be displayed. However nice it may look their are coeliacs who go by ingredients not pictures. Sorry Jerry it has oats in so a no go for you.

Mitch55 in reply to pretender

I agree but it’s partly my fault, I put it up without all the info. Obviously I saw the ingredients before buying but couldn’t find that page this time. I’ll have it soon 😊


GF Oatmeal, pea flour, GF oat flakes, GF oat flour, raising agent: sodium bicarbonate, coconut sugar, salt.

Sorry it took a while to get this 😊

Lynneypin in reply to Mitch55

Very helpful!! Will deffo buy it now. Thanks.

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