just discovered wonderful bread mix

Hello - Happy New Year to everyone!

I have just discovered this lovely bread mix which contains cornflour, potato starch, linseed flour, mixed seeds, raising agents, sodium bicarbonate, disodium diphosate, sea salt, stabliseer, xanthan gum by Helen. You have to add egg, vegetable oil and milk and bake it in the oven. It makes a decent sized loaf and it costs £2.50. Some people may have a problem with linseed flour or other ingredients but it yet another product that may suit some people and very easy to make.

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  • Happy New Year urbangirl

    Pleased to hear you’ve found something you like. Is this in the supermarket or on line?

  • From Waitrose in Free From section. In fact my husband found it.

  • That sounds like something I could try thanks very much for posting it xx

  • I've tried Helen's Sandwich Bread Mix and it could so easily have turned out awful (because my husband turned the bread maker off part way through the cycle!), but I put the bread pan in the normal oven & the bread turned out lovely.

    Not cheap but as it doesn't contain hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (which I'm pretty sure disagrees with me) I'm happy to pay the price occasionally

  • gfmum this mix was so easy - just whisk up an egg, add melted butter or vegetable oil, then bung in a loaf tin for 40 mins in the oven. Loaf has lasted 3+ days but I have to admit its a bit crumbly - will save those for recipes needing breadcrumbs and hope they don't go green! I too cannot eat hydroxyropylmethylcellulose and other stuff so this find has been so good for me. I tried another brand that does the same sort of thing but it cost £5+. But you know what - there was nothing nicer than hot bread from the oven smothered in melted butter as I haven't had that for years! But yes an occasional treat.

  • The white bread mix is just as easy but I was being very lazy!

    All this talk of fresh bread & melted butter is making me want to put the mix I've got in the cupboard in the oven now! I think that's my lazy Saturday morning breakfast sorted though:-)

  • Try M & S GF sausages with it too! :)

  • Ooh, yes, definitely:-)

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