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Hi all, I've just tried some gluten free brownie mix with kids (baking treat day, got cupcakes in oven now). Turned out okay, no one is feeling unwell as yet (turns out the step kids aren't meant to eat gluten either and they mum didn't tell us >_<). They are not too bad, but I'd recommend having a drink with them cos they're a tad tricky to swallow. Something I've noticed is a trend with gluten free products. I'd got the tesco premade dry mix, I did add a little extra milk to them though.

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  • Hey Ummijam, well good for you and if you want gluten free recipes for children I'd check out:

  • Thanks :)

    We've been getting so worried about our kids lately. So we've decided to try cutting gluten from their diet totally and seeing if they improve. If so then we'll be happy :)

  • How does this sound:

    My eldest born is nearly 4. He's very tall for his age but very skinny also (say age 5 leg length but age 2 waist width). He has mood swings and times of random energy/tiredness/sullenness/anger that is out of context with the activities or such of the time. He eats tons and is always hungry and tells me her gets tummy ache sometimes after pasta meals mostly. He also has really bad excema that nothing works on (coconut oil soothes it nothing else).

    My youngest, nearly 2, looks skinny when seen from the back. But when seen from the front he has a rounded tummy (kinda like a pregnancy tummy but in proportion for his age), he is also always hungry but after meals this tummy gets more rounded and he gets very gassy. He also gets very clingy after meals times and has started showing excema.

    They're both very close in weight. Both active and happy, playful, hard little workers. They're a little speech delayed bit otherwise are a little ahead with things like reading and writing and comprihension. But sometimes my else's gets upset cos he wants to do his schoolwork but cant focus (most of his emotional break downs are about wanting to do work but not being able to focus, I don't force him).

    My Dr said it was no point taking them to see her as theyre too young for symptoms to show, she said, but I'm taking them in anyway just incase (little ones tummy is really worrying us). We've also started them on gluten free to see if it helps, we'll find out soon enough.

    Any other mothers/fathers outthere with kids with celiac or intolerance: is this part of it or am I over thinking things? I didn't include most of the mood changes in them cos they're kids and mood changes are normal to an extent.

  • Not sure that your doctor is correct about "too young for symptoms to show". It's important to get a diagnosis as soon as possible.

  • Sally Pacholok has written an excellent book called - Could it Be B12 ? - every home could do with having a copy ! She has now written a second book specifically about children.

    More about B12 in the link below - including videos and more ....

    Docs are too quick to say normal - when they mean in range - and even when bumping along the bottom of the range they think it is fine - sadly NOT :-)

  • Perhaps have a look through past posts on children and Coeliac.

  • Thanks everyone :) not sure what's what with my kids health but I'd rather check thenleave it too late

  • I thought it was just me! I really struggled to swallow gluten free food. It was horrible and I thought I had a problem with my throat. It is a lot better now that I'm eating prescription Juvela food. The problem has gone apart from when I eat something shop bought and it is worse than ever when I do. I wonderered if it is soya. My dietician told me to limit soya as it is bad for you. I also thought it might be nuts because it was really bad when I had pesto but with gluten free shop bought pasta. The Dr is doing allergy tests to see if I am allergic to anything in particular. He's started with a total ige and various nuts and also a gluten antibody to check that I'm not getting glutened by accident.

  • Made gluten free cupcakes also with a premix of flour but where very dench n tough to seollow. Kids still liked them (loads of sugar in them so won't make them often). But next time I'll proably make it as a cake mixture, have the slices thin and add a homemade sponge solution (normally a sugarbased syrup) with plenty frosting. Hopefully that will then counteract the dryness. Also with the brownies next time I'll pop some sweet cream cheese on top when I cook them together so the creaminess might counter the dryness. But it's all about experimenting.

    I also make cake balls sometimes for kids where I slightly overcook a cake then turn it into crumbs and mix with frosting the shape into balls. That might also be useful here too.

    Gonna make some truffles and fudge this week as I've got a guest and such.

    And my Dr saw my kids today and said to try gluten free for them for a couple months and see if it helps or not. So my hubs said he'd go gluten free also (apart from his busicuits lol) which was so nice I think :) less to worry about then :)

  • My easiest and best cake (or cupcakes if you prefer) is this recipe:

    It's easy, always turns out well and it is better using gf flour (I use Dove's Farm) than w wheat flour, which can turn it a bit tough. If you want chocolate you can sub in some cocoa powder for a bit of the flour, about 30g should do it. The flavourings in the recipe (Grand Marnier, orange zest etc) are optional but I always add some vanilla.

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