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Top notch GF bread

My local Sainsbury has been producing their own gluten free bread - a white farmhouse loaf, and a seeded farmhouse loaf, both 400 g and done daily in-store, from brought in part-baked loaves I understand. They are absolutely wonderful, by far the best GF bread I've ever tasted. I very much hope that they keep this excellent product coming. I'm kind of nervous now that they might drop it if it doesn't sell enough.

Anyone else tried this bread? It's worth seeking out.

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Thanks for this, I'll check in my local Sainsburys to see if they're doing the same. I wonder where they bake them to avoid cross-contamination? Not something I need to worry about but I'm sure it will be a concern for others.

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Oh my goodness,

Warm crusty bread..I'm drooling 😶 The best GF rolls I've found are Dr Schar white frozen ones - I have to only get 3 after a time out (1 for me and 2 for B) or I'd actually eat them all!! I'll look out in sainsburys for the loaves though - butter,jam....oh God I'm off again (imagine Homer Simpson...)

Charlie xx


I've been told about this bread before but I've never managed to find any in my local sainsburrys even though both are quite large stores. Our local CCG has now stopped all GF items on prescription so I'm hoping that the supermarkets will increase their products and fingers crossed yoyr yummy bread will remain in stores. I will certainly be asking on my next visit 😊


Hi-good to know-thank you. Is it the free from section or the fresh baked dept? Also Waitrose are doing the most delicious little pots of ' pudding' which are gf and made by Pots & Co and have flavours like 'salted caramel & chocolate ' plus you get to keep the pots afterwards-yum!


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This bread appears on the in-store bakery shelves, and not the Free From area. The packaging is a bit low-key,and not very well highlighted as GF, and it can easily be missed, or mistaken at a glance for the regular bread. It can go fairly quickly in my Sainsbury, so I try to pick some up by mid-morning. They also do GF mini-baguettes in the same area, which are great crisped up in the oven. Good luck!


Have found a list of towns that stock the bread.


Good research - that's very helpful.


Ooh I like their own brand ff bread in the ff isle, so will look out for this freshly baked one too, thankyou


What is Sainsbury? What is the name of the place, or the bread? Are you anywhere near the East Coast, USA? -----------------------------------

There is a brand Chebe.Com which has no allergens, a dry mix, but to make it you need to do a different order than the "how to on the box"

Water first. Then mix well.

Eggs or replacement next, then mix well. (Do not usually need to add more water, which makes it really sticky, hard to work with.)

Last, add oil & make very small flattened rolls, on parchment paper. (Can get 30 to 40 out of a small box.) Need to consume soon, as the consistency is very chewy & gets hard quickly;

(& freeze what you won't eat that day.) We like it a lot.

-- Also BreadsFromAnna.Com Yeast free mix, is very* much like regular bread, & works with water & flaxseed meal/boiled water for egg, & still* rises well & really good. Pass it on...


Sorry - I should have made clear that Sainsbury is a major supermarket chain in the UK, so the information I gave isn't relevant to the USA so far as I know.

Many thanks for the information regarding and


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