Gluten free miniature chocs

Hi I'm wondering if anyone can help me.

I have knitted an advent calendar for my son who was diagnosed as coeliac earlier this year . It is made up of 24 mini socks hanging on a washing line, I was hoping to put a mini chocolate (individually wrapped) into each sock. I have tried to find out if Dairy Milk miniatures ( the ones that you could put into a machine for 1p ) are gluten free but they don't seem to be listed anywhere so I'm struggling a bit.

Does anyone out there know of any more small individually wrapped choc's that would be suitable?

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hi knitwitty,

    This site lists all GF products from a range of suppliers including Cadburys. Updated November 2016. A box of Roses would do the job I believe.


  • Thank you so much, I never thought of roses as I was looking at just simple choc s like miniatures. I usually indulge in at least one tub of Roses towards Christmas so I'll snaffle off the ones I think he will prefer!!

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