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Help :(

I have been suffering with pain and tiredness for a few months now. Had bloods done and they've always been clear apart from low iron and vitamin D which I'm on tablets for. The paint isn't what bothers me really it's the fact that one minute I'm fine and the next feel all weird and sleepy and it scares me as I have anxiety so I think there could be something really wrong.

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Low iron will make you feel lousy...

Wonder if you can get an iron transfusion which will help quickly



Hi Lauren, remember that the coeliac blood tests only test for one type of reaction to gluten. I wasn't sure from your email whether you had tried a gluten exclusion diet and were feeling ill whilst eating it again for the blood tests. If you feel worse eating gluten and your absorption of nutrients is poor, and you get other symptoms such as tiredness and pain, consider doing proper exclusion diet to see if food has an effect, such as non-coeliac gluten sensitivity.


Hi Laurenjf,

Don't know what bloods you had done, but ask your Doctor for a thyroid test if that test was not done. I take a take a tablet for my prescribed thyroid every day. And 'b' vitamin and Magnesium one day and the next day a 'c'and' d' vitamin ( or a good multivitamin each day ) see if this helps. Also have to watch what I eat is GF. Not so easy here in France with much temptation from Croissants and patisserie. Good luck.



Hi there Lauren, sorry to hear about your symptoms. I had suffered with exactly the same, really painfull stomach / achy legs/ headaches , extreme fatigue/tiredness , bloated tummy. I went to see docs and have blood done on several times and came up negative , felt like I was hitting a brick wall, this went on for almost a year ..ultimately I sore a specialist who referred me to a nutritionalist and was labelled with 'IBS' and non coeliac gluten intolerance and a leaky gut ..Ultimately I went on a 100% 'low fodmap diet' ( look it up on google' and within the course of 6-8 weeks 90% of my symptoms were gone. ( so no gluten, no dairy/ no onions/ garlic.. To name a few AT ALL without exception ) Now most people go on a Low fodmap diet for a short period of time and then slowly de-introduce one food at a time back into their diet to see the reaction , I decided to stick to a low fodmap diet permanently and have been symptom free 95% of the time now for over 2 years and I'm very healthy , gut has healed and do an extremely active job. So that's my story and if that helps , then great.

This may not be the case with you, but it's amazing how the body can react to foods that you wouldn't even consider, all of which I eliminated in the low fodmap diet. It's tough at first, but once you have an extensive list of what you can eat, it's great... It's just a case of re-training your mind on eating habits and learning to cook all meals ( no ready meals ) , which really isn't that hard once you get used to it.

Well I hope you figure it out, and feel better soon.


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After being 'diagnosed ' as gluten intolerant about 3 Years ago, I stuck mainly to a gluten free diet but had the odd bit of normal food now and again which my body tolerated. However about 2 months ago, started having all of the symptoms again despite a practically gluten free diet and they seemed to come back with vengeance.

I also had other symptoms that were more noticeable and found a very interesting article online about the link to gluten intolerance and zinc and magnesium deficiency. Am now getting my mineral levels checked and this article suggest that gluten intolerance can be mistaken for mineral deficiencies but may also be caused by a gluten free diet. If you haven't had your zinc and magnesium levels checked, ask your GP to get them checked.

Hopefully you will get to the bottom of it.


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