Hello everyone...I wrote a few weeks ago about having to go off the gluten free diet for a while.what I'm finding strange is how the symptoms I expected didn't come - tiredness and constipation etc.

Now only a few days ago I've started to feel really tired like I used that normal because I thought I'd start getting symptoms from the beginning.

Hope my message makes sense!

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  • Hi SID123,

    You may be having symptomatic symtoms since you were thinking that you may have them. Did you talk to a doctor when the symtoms came back? How do you feel now?

  • Hi cid123 if you have coeliac disease& come off a gluten free diet its dangerous for you to do that because if you start eaten gluten again because of other symptoms you are going to get so much damage in yur intestines& get very ill quick itsva horrible disease with so many symtoms I call it my evil pathogen disease but for yrs they thought mine was ibs untill I got so ill with eaten gluten thinking I had ibs untill I lost so much weight & needed a blood transfusion right away becouse I had severe anemia brought on by not getten the right nutrients & eaten gluten I lost so much weight I would never go bak to eaten gluten cos when your glutened you feel so ill &look like death so babe think on wat you are about to put your self through the horrible spasms nausea pain & never far from the loo stay safe

  • I don't think u understood my message.ive come off the gluten free diet because the doctor told me to for some tests not because I wanted to

  • I will send you a quick PM in a minute, SID123. Please look for it.

  • I sent the PM right now. Please check.

  • Hi cid123 sorry for not fully understanding your reasons for coming off a gluten free diet did not read your msg about your doctor doing sum tests its just this coeliac disease I have had a bad time of it & it never gets any easier stay healthy patricia

  • Hi Sid

    Everyone is different when it comes to symptoms, so I wouldn't worry too much about the change. Good luck with the challenge.

  • Thanks for your message Penel

  • My reactions to gluten are very random. When I had to go back onto eating gluten I felt fine until 3 days later when I was sat there wanting to throw up all the time but couldn't. It started very mildly and got worse the longer it went on. Eventually I got Blepharitis on my eyelids. My skin started blistering and it took until 4 months after the endoscopy to calm down! Now If I get glutened by accident, I either feel sick, my stomach bloats up in pain, i get burning eyes or I get blisters. Not necessarily all at once! Very random! :-/ Recently, i've had a few mild symptoms come and go and I knew I wasn't being glutened as I had a coeliac anti body test and it was fine. I did a sugar detox for 3 weeks and felt amazing after 3 days. It was really difficult at first because I have the biggest sweet tooth ever but I've actually carried on during the week because of how great I feel and I've also lost over 9 pounds! :-D

  • Thanx for that interesting useful advice BronB 😊

  • Hi SID123,

    I was investigated for quite a few years for Coeliacs disease and advised to stop the gluten free diet on 3 occasions by my Dr. The reason being is that they can't get a clear result if you follow a gluten free diet, therefore you have to revert back to a normal diet for quite a few weeks so that your intolerances are in full effect when the do the test. Not all Coeliacs suffer from diarrhoea type problems from gluten, some of us get ridiculously tired, and tho this didn't start immediately when you resumed a full gluten diet it takes time for the gluten to re-offend, and this is what has happened to you. I hope they are able to give you a conclusion after your test as theres nothing worse than feeling so totally drained all the time, good luck

  • O my gosh this sounds so much exactly what I'm going through!

    I dint get tired immediately but slowly like you said is normal.

    Thanks so much for that message understanding and making me feel "normal"

  • You are normal, SID123. Like Penel said, "Everyone is different when it comes to symptoms". You just have to be careful about what you end up eating and sometimes even drinking. Depending on what you drink may cause some issues, as well, so please take it slow.

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