Gluten free ?

Can someone please tell ms if Maoam sweets made by haribo are gf? I know swizzles sweets have a gluten free list on there website but what about haribo? (Just ate a maoam stripe bar)

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  • A site called glu-ternative says that they are gf

  • I have the gf App and they say there safe . One of my favourites x

  • Which GF app do you use? I've looked at several but can't make my mind up

  • I have the one that's certified from coeliac Uk but you have to be a member I find it really easy to use and I'm a big technophobe

  • full of sugar and glucose but my sin i love them. have been my saviour. love them

  • Although said to be GF, they can still contain a trace, and each person has their own unique intolerance. Elsewhere someone has said contains sugar and glucose. But where were these derived from?

    If you reacted to Maoam sweets, you will have to cross them off your shopping list. HTH

  • Hey Ive been ok with them both :)

  • Actually saying that I woke this morning with terrible acid and bloating 🤥

  • They are fab but I can't eat them because they contain glucose syrup which can be from wheat

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