Gluten free blogs?!?

I wish there was a straight forward blog or site that had a list of gluten free foods / dairy free foods from popular restaurants in the UK! This would save everyone time searching! Anyone know of anything?

I’m all new to this!


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  • There is a Coeliac Map site which might be of some use to you.

  • The easiest thing to do is to join Coeliac UK. They have an app where that sort of thing is listed. Quite useful at times!

  • I’ve just joined the site and have the app now but can’t see any info on restaurants? Any help would be great!

  • You have to be a member to get access to the food guide and restaurant guide. Sorry - I forgot to mention that it's not completely free! It's a good cause though and you get access to all sorts of other information.

  • Oh I paid for membership as well, am I missing that bit completely or is it only available on the site and not on the app?

  • They are the big tiles on the apps home page. At least that's so in the apple version. Not sure how Google present it.

  • Ps - remember to login - otherwise they don't work!

  • Just realised I had the wrong app! Both apps are great!

  • I wonder if we should start a list recommending decent GF restaurants, where we or have visited?

  • Have you checked out 'Coeliac UK'? There is a charge for Membership but it includes a couple of magazines each year - up-to-date information on all Gluten-free products stocked by all the major British supermarkets as well as delis etc - special offers and money-off vouchers - monthly updates to a food directory - PLUS an App for your mobile phone that helps to check if products are suitable Coeliacs.

  • If you join your Local Coeliac Group (via Facebook), you'll be able to get information on Restaurants etc that are local to where you live. Everybody is very good at recommending 'safe places' to eat when out-and-about! It doesn't ALWAYS have to end up as a jacket potato with cheese and beans out of Wetherspoons .................... as good as they are ;)!

  • Hi I think is a very good one, have a look, it announces when new things are coming on the market and also have a list of where to eat

  • This site is absolutely brilliant - exactly what I’m looking for, thankyou!

  • I've used Trip advisor for restaurants & hotels.

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