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I have been working hard over the past year to create cake/cupcake recipes that are light, fluffy and moist. ( I was fed up with birthday cakes that cost the earth and tasted like lead.) They had to taste as good as wheat or better. My goal was to allow children, especially, but everyone in general, to be able to have a special celebration cake that tasted so great that the whole family would enjoy it... not just the Celiac. I am in the process of putting a cookbook together. Are there any special flavours you would like to see in the book? So far I have vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, carrot and spice. I will develop and include other flavours if people have a favourite and I can figure out a good gluten free version. So far the cakes are getting rave reviews from Non Celiacs...I figure that's a good place to start! If I can fool them, then we're home free Ü ...

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  • I love ginger- perhaps something incorporating this, either as an icing or flavouring or with pieces of crystallised ginger, might be good? Cinnamon too!

    Back in my pre-coeliac days, I've had a few lovely lavender cupcakes. A bit more 'out-there' perhaps but it can have a gorgeous delicate flavour if done properly.

  • Hi NorthernSoul...I think you would like the spice cake. It has both ginger and cinnamon as well as nutmeg, allspice and cloves. I currently have an oatmeal cookie recipe that you would enjoy if you can tolerate gluten free oatmeal:

    I'm a big lavender fan so I'll work on a recipe that will incorporate that! Thanks! Liana

  • Ooer! Coffee and walnut for me please x

  • Hi Romany ...Wow! Interesting combo that a coffee flavoured cake decorated with walnuts or with walnuts in it? or is it a coffee and walnut icing on a golden cake? I usually avoid nuts, but would be willing to give this a shot. Thanks! Liana

  • Here in UK it is a popular cake ...Coffee flavoured sponge, with or without walnuts in and covered in coffee butter icing and decorated with walnuts...It is YUMMY!!!!!..if do not like walnuts an alternative which is also lovely is omit walnuts and decorate with chocolate coffee beans instead xxxx

  • OK ..thanks Romany! My family is British and lives in England, so I'll get on that and see what I can create. I have my grandmother's cookbooks which I can use as a reference. (I'm in father's family immigrated in the 1920s, but the rest stayed behind) I love coffee flavoured anything and enjoy walnuts, so this will be a treat for me too!

  • Almonds :D

  • Duely noted! I do have an almond cake ... you bake it in a cup in the microwave takes 5 minutes! It's light, moist and tastes great. You can find the recipe here:

  • Anything lemony in flavour. Like lemon drizzle would be lovely. X

  • I was working on one this week! I used lime, but lemon would be an easy substitute. I filled it with lime curd and put a 5 minute frosting on it ... it's delicious! I'll definitely put it in the cookbook. Thanks for your feedback...wish I could post a photo ... I have one on my Facebook page.

  • That sounds perfect. Lemon or Lime I'm not fussy. Sounds as we say in this part of the world lush !

  • Ooooo! It is lush Ü ....I like that word, and so have named that recipe Lucious Lime Cake. Thanks for your input... Liana

  • Black forest gateau...

  • of my favourites! I'll add that one to the list for sure! Thanks...

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