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Anyone ever had their Essential Fatty Acids Tested?

Hi, this is a little off-topic but I suspect this might be a gluten-related issue so I thought this would be the best forum to ask in. Has anyone ever had an EFA deficiency, or been tested for one? I recently came across EFA deficiency and discovered that the list of symptoms was so like my current problems it was unsettling. I would never have suspected this problem as I eat salmon and eggs every day, both major sources of EFAs, so I never thought I might have a problem. However, on looking into it I see coeliac disease can cause a deficiency through malabsorption. At last testing, I don't have coeliac but I almost certainly have issues with gluten. I just wondered, if I have NCGS, which I suspect I do, if I may still have an EFA deficiency (I had one definitely some time back while on a very low fat diet).

Has anyone ever been tested for this, and if so was it on the NHS? What does it look like on the lab results (i.e. what should I be looking for on my old test results?) and did you have to ask your doc for this or did they do the test when you were diagnosed with coeliac disease? Thanks in advance for any help!

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