Insight please:Biopsy for Coeliacs


My ferritin is 7! I am sooo weak n tired.

Biopsy on 20th. Been repoisoning with wheat etc.

Can I start iron supplement now? Or will it mess with biopsy?

GP not sure. Has prescribed liquid form.

I rang Path Lab at hospital.

Asked the question.

Answer : Ive no idea!!!!!

So help me...

All you intelligent folk... anyone know the answer please?

Thanks so much


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  • Hi,

    Glad to see that you are posting again.

    Take the prescription for now, but read your hospital's endoscopy instructions on what medication has to be stopped prior to having the procedure. Even a few days of taking the iron supplements may help you. It can cause constipation in some people though!

    Coeliac Disease is an autoimmune condition and uses a different mechanism to the one that absorbs iron in the gut.

    Untreated CD, inhibits absorption of a lot of vitamin and minerals - so if you did get diagnosed as a Coeliac, you would initially need to take that prescription more than ever.

  • Just a thought, have you had your thyroid tested? Also thyroid antibodies to check for Hashimotos thyroditis? It's an auto immune condition where you must avoid gluten so could be a possibility. It also could be the link to your low ferritin.

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