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Biopsy... But think it was done wrong!

I had my endoscopy today and spoke to Dr about Coeliac. I've had the blood test which came back as negative, but because of persistent symptoms, and family history (father). I've pushed for a biopsy to double check.

I've just read the report and it states that biopsy was taken from the ''prepyloric region".

A quick Google tells me that this is the stomach and not the small intestine.

I think I know the answer, but has this just been a waste of time and NHS resources?!

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My last biopsy was carried out at d2 of the duodenum, there are four markers for Coeliac Disease, mine being reduced folds. Ask for a copy of the endoscopy and how many biopsies taken usually four.


Thanks for your reply. Ive re read the report and the only mention of the duodenum is that it looks normal.

Biopsy taken we're definitely of the prepyloric region... Useless if looking for Coeliac - how utterly frustrating!


Have you googled the markers for Coeliac Disease? If you feel that things are not right then get a second opinion. It is very frustrating not knowing why you are ill.

I have spent over 20 minutes discussing it with a consultant and the only answer from him was the lack of studies etc world wide about my condition.


Not sure what doctors and consultants actually know about anything these days. A year ago I was seen by a kidney consultant who could not identity the reason my kidneys were often painful, but suggested I was tested for celiac using blood test. I pointed out I have been gluten free for a couple of years. He said the test would work whatever. I now know he was wrong, as have been so many in the past. According to doctors I should have lost both legs by the time I was 30, (now 61 with two legs) once had to have an x ray on my left leg even though it was my right leg that I was complaining about, but the computer says left!!!! Said the radiologist so the left it was.


I fully agree, in 1981 it was suggested that I may have pleural thickening, ( asbestos related, lung). In 2008 I paid £620 on a legal/ medical report where the author stated I had Pleural Thickening and calcification in left lung. Now it turns out it’s pleural plaques. But the bottom line is simple, I was subjected to Diesel Engine Exhaust Emissions that has scarred my left lung over a five year period up to 1981. I fell in a skip and had an x-ray, no problems but years later a bone scan showed that I had actually broken a rib.

I am now awaiting an appointment with a gp because of high blood pressure, caused by my Formaldehyde Allergy, the good doctor wears deodorants, perfumes etc then wonders why I have high blood pressure. It goes on and on.


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