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'Flu injection



Does anyone know anything about contra- indications in having a flu injection? I've read there seems to be a slight link with some small groups of people with auto immune disease...making it much worse or starting off new conditions. Does anyone have any thoughts as to whether a flu injection is a good or bad idea? There are of course risk for not having it. I don't want to make existing conditions worse, however neither do I want to get flu or pneumonia.

Advice gratefully received...thanks

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Flu jabs can be a controversial subject! Influenza seems to mutate every year so whether or not the current flu jab is going to be effective is bit of a lottery.

This link gives a thorough explanation.


Coeliacs used to be advised to get vaccinated against flu every year but this advice has been changed, unless you have problems with your spleen. Getting the pneumococcal vaccination does seem to be a good idea, as it tends to be a 'one-off'.

Thank you, really helpful.

I have reservations about the flu jab. If you body system is normal and you don't have any allergies etc. it could be ok but I have a more complicated system where I don't react so well to strange substances etc. and the flu jab makes me really very ill and then they don't know how to cope with me. I have also seen this reaction in the elderly too. I was a carer and the flu jab definitely made so many elderly people so ill and some died but the medical profession will never admit to this and they do realise of course. This is not to alarm you in any way but I don't believe this jab is suitable for some people and you have to weigh up the pros and cons of it all. I am prepared to take my chance and hope for the best and not have it. My husband had the pneumonia jab a couple of years ago and was ill for well over 6 months but the Doctors will never admit it was the jab. It was a good thing for him because he is chesty but it really made him so poorly. I also know that lots of nurses refuse to have it so I am wondering what they know that we don't! I don't think we know the full truth about this jab. I think they know that it may not suit a small percentage of the population but they take that calcuated risk knowing that most people won't suffer any side effects. I think it's something you have decide upon for yourself and it's not an easy decision. Good luck.

Thank you, your reply is really interesting. I usually have to lie down or take it gently for half a day after my flu jab as I feel quite wobbly. Once I had a very bad immediate reaction and nearly keeled over, possibly because I can't eat eggs and they grow the vaccine in eggs. Some versions of it are better than others. One year I was ill with bad cold symptoms for 6 moths after it. I had a cold at injection time which seemed to influence it. Another year it didn't work and I got flu anyway...so not a great track record. I have asthma too.

However, the last two years I haven't had the jab and have been well apart from lots of dreadful colds (unusal for me). My opticians/GP say I probably have sjrogrens too, (last year) so I am worried that there might be a link with the flu jab...that auto immune diseases get worse. ??

Thanks again

My 93 year old Mum had a flu jab a few days ago and was well at the time and hasn't been ill for a long long time. Now she has devoloped a UTI and pneumonia and is in hospital. I spoke to a homeopath and she shuddered when I told her and she said she sees a lot of people having problems after the flu jab. I know another couple in their late 40s who are both ill in bed after their flu jabs and they don't get ill either. I shall not be having mine but taking more anti oxidants and anti bacterial my hands after handling trolleys etc.

Thank you 😀

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