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How quickly does amenorrhea resolve once going gluten free?

Hi, I went gluten free at Christmas having been diagnosed coeliac. I've been amenorrheic since coming off the OCP in March. I desparately want my periods to return as I've already got low bone density so this will make it even worse. I know there's a link between coeliac and amenoorhea and wondered if anyone else had had this? How long did it take for your periods to return? Did you get help from anywhere?

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Hi physiogirl

Poor thing, what a worry for you. I hope someone can help. I have no experience - in fact I had the complete opposite and had endometriosis and fibroids!!

Perhaps time to re-visit your GP? Are you having your bone density monitored, and being offered treatment too?

Good luck, and I hope things are sorted out soon.


Yep, my bone density is being monitored but I'm only being treated with Ca and Vit D at the moment for that. Despite having a fracture, which is not unusal as an athlete they won't give me any other medications despite me asking. Seems I have to have more fractures! This makes me people with obesity and diabetes can have medications even though some don't make lifestyle changes?!


Hi Physiogirl, I am glad that you brought this up as it's the first time it's come up on GFG and you're right as it affects coeliac ladies much more than the general population.

My honest opinion is that at least you've been diagnosed with CD and now hopefully your body will return to normal and it is early days as you have only been diagnosed a few months.

Now this may interest you it's Alice's story on the NFCA site:

I smiled at this sentence and feel that many coeliac will be able to relate to this '' Finally! I did not have cancer. I wasn’t dying. I wasn’t crazy. I was elated.'' even tho' I'm a blokey I can relate to her story as it was 13 years before I was diagnosed and I was treated as if it was nerves! LOL

And I agree wholeheartedly with Sally to be monitored by your GP and good luck.

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Thanks; that pretty much bought tears to my eyes.


Hi physiogirl

I'm no expert on the subject but I believe that recovering from amenorrhea will depend on how much weight you have now put on; how much exercise you are currently doing; and how much your hormones levels have improved - your hormones need time to go back to normal.

Eating more and exercising less may be the answer to getting the results you desire more quickly.

If in doubt though, do go back to see your GP. Sometimes more tests are necessary. I think you have said in the past that you've had the thyroid tests done and they've come back okay (thyroid issues can be a reason for amenorrhea); and I hope the GP also tested your adrenal function as well. Sometimes poor adrenal function can have an affect on the sex hormone levels. Amongst other things, low DHEA levels can be an issue for some people.

Best wishes.


Right time to make that appnt with my GP! Thyroid is ok but I need to check the other things. Can all of those, and vit B12, be checked on the NHS?



Testing cortisol levels is done a lot less routinely on the NHS, so the GP may need some convincing at first. Do be aware that the cortisol blood test needs to be taken before 9 AM - this one caught me out!

B12 is very routine, so shouldn't be too hard to obtain.

Getting your DHEA could be a real problem though and is likely to need specialist input.

Good luck.



I still think you should really consider the impact your athletic training is having on your amenorrhea. I think that it could be to be more to blame than having coeliac disease (although having CD doesn't help).

The athletic section of says the following:

"There are many causes of amenorrhea, but in athletes stopping your period is a warning sign that the body is under too much stress and has too little energy stores to support healthy functioning."

It also says you should maintain at least 16% body fat, otherwise you are likely to have amenorrhea.

By all means ask your GP for further blood tests but you could be making it harder for them to take you seriously if you don't make other adjustments as well.

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