Cooking for one GF and one none-GF

I am having big problems with cooking for myself and my husband, who is not on a GF diet. He has an enormous social conscious and does not want to eat eg Pasta which I have got on prescription. Has anyone got any suggestions. I am OK with casseroles, which I thicken with GF Flour or cornflour. We eat quite a few ready-cooked meals and I have started ordering from Wiltshire Farm foods. I really want to have a moan, I suppose, as it looks silly to see this written down! We are both in our eighties and I don't spend much time cooking these days.

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  • Hi Trenny, firstly good for your husband for having a social conscience. However the pasta on prescription is to make your life easier and not cause stress. So my opinion is that you should both enjoy it and not beat yourselves up over it.

    So you both enjoy eating it together and you only get so much per month so how you use it is down to your discretion.

    And you want to have a moan girl then you have a moan...

  • I make cakes for my family and they love those. other than that roast dinners with gf gravy and normal Yorkshire puds for them and gf puds for me. I cook separate pastas for us and we have the same sauce. it works out well, I don't eat meat either so when they have that I grill a bit of salmon

  • What kind of gravy do you use? Are there any gf casserole mixes?

  • Kallo make a ready mix gluten free gravy, both chicken and beef, and it's really good. It comes in ready mix sachets - you just add boiling water, (eg from your vegetables.) It's quite hard to find though. I can only get it a Sainsburys.

  • This has got to be the best gf gravy! Asda do it and it is cheaper than Sainsburys.

  • Perfect reply I brought up 3 Sons and fed my Husband and friends & family on Naturally GF foods and only substituted GF Pasta etc when I had too..its a No brainer, everyone else needs to get there head around It's Ok for us all to eat GF Staples ie Potatoes, Rice, Beans etc together, only then will it be seen as Normal for us all to eat GF I have had Special Birthdays out in restaurants Where I had asked for us all to Eat GF (Prior arrangement) So I could be relaxed in the knowledge that I would not be Glutened at some point thru the meal due to maybe someone getting mixed up when a little bit of Alcohol had been ingested

  • With the amount of gf things coeliac so get on prescription now (ie very little) I don't think a couple of packets of paste are going to ruin the country.

    As Jerry says, it is to make your life easier and I think in your eighties you deserve all the help you need

  • most supermarkets sell gluten free pasta,and bread etc

  • My son doesn't like gluten free pasta, so I simply give ordinary pasta to the family and cook a small pan of gluten free pasta for myself. We can all have the same sauce, as that is always made gluten free. It's not a problem cooking my own pasta separately, and doesn't leave any more messy washing up. You just have to remember to use a different spoon when serving it.

  • I would say cook meat or fish, potatoes or rice & veg and if he needs to have a roll with it on the side, he can do so. You don't have to cook GF pastas or other GF processed foods. Take it back to basics :)

  • Thankyou all for your comments and suggestions. Basically I must get used to healthy 'plain cooking', like Karen and Jennysp suggest.

  • I am still awaiting My endoscopy. I have had to wait three months just to see gastoenterolgist , so will have to wait again for biopsy. However have been treated for Bullous Pemphigoid for two years. having had high TGG test Dermatogolist has now biopsied me for Dermatitis Herpeteformis ? Spelling. I will get results in six weeks. Anyone had this as well as Gluten problem ?????

  • Yes, diagnosed with both DH and coeliac disease. Both in remission with super-strict GF diet. Sorry you are still awaiting your endoscopy appointment. Might be worth chasing that up.

  • For carbs - I'd much rather have potatoes than pasta. They seem to sustain me longer, especially jacket ones with a huge filling!

    Pasta and sauce might not be giving you the nutrients you need.

  • It is alright your husband having a social conscience and not wanting to eat your prescription gluten free products but is he prepared to do the extra work involved in producing two separate meals? If not then his social conscience doesn't seem to extend to you!

    My wife usually prepares only one meal, sometimes she will prepare different meals when she doesn't like my gluten free option. However, it is my job to clean up afterwards and do the dishes.

  • Actually, he is wonderful and does a lot in the house as I get rather tired with my Parkinson's and GCA problems - both have sections on health unlocked, thank goodness! He makes a mean GF crumble mix and also chicken soup. The coeliac problem is diverting my thoughts and probably is quite good for me!

    Press on...

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