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The Deal With Asda Food Labeling?

Does any one here know the deal with Asda? Most other manufacturers give the usual warning of may contain gluten and such, but Asda doesn't. Do you know if there stuff is safe. For example, their crisps; prawn cocktail has wheat and barley and is labeled such; surely there would be some cross contamination to their other flavors?

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Hi bore, all supermarkets have a free from list and here's ASDA's :

As for cross contamination this depends on many things and the 'may contain' is a voluntary label and one which is very frustrating for us, here's what the FSA say about food labelling:

And lastly don't be afraid to ask the manufacturer themselves and if in doubt...don't eat it.


Hi bore I dont no if you have coeliac disease but it is vital that you only get labelled food for coeliac from asda that says gluten free or even better get there free from brands that say free from gluten & free from wheat thats all I buy becouse I have been glutened so many times in trusting the labelling on there foods & I suffered like death symptoms so be safe babe do what I do if in dought leave it out its not worth it getten glutened all the time & being so ill with it take care patricia


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