Good afternoon ladies and gents, I'd like to apologise in advance for a long post,I'm new in here and after some advice... I'll start from the beginning I have thyroiditis have done for years my levels are all over the place, I also had a perforated stomach ulcer 6 year ago which nearly cost me my life (didn't even know I had an ulcer) as docs fobbed me off for months,I have a rash on my arms and neck had for over a year now,and finally after giving me creams lotions and antibiotics oh and treatment for scabies the doctors are now listening, I've had bloods taken for celiac, inflammation in my body,malabsorbsion, vitamin k vitamin d thyroid function, antibodies and full blood count and wheat,ythough have been told to now go gluten /wheat free, also does anyone know if these illnesses are all connected, any advice would be much appreciated tia x

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  • You may also want to go dairy free as the casein protein is similar to gluten.

    Also have your B12 levels been tested. Lots of your symptoms sound like B12 deficiency.

  • Thank you hunni I really appreciate your help x

  • Hi Leanne

    Have you been advised to cut out wheat/gluten by a doctor? Perhaps have a look at the Coeliac UK website for some information. Thyroid problems are often associated with problems with gluten.

    The kind of problems you are describing could all be linked to gluten, if your body cannot cope with it. Have a google for 'intestinal permeability' or 'leaky gut'.

  • Thank you hunni really appreciate advice will check them out now,awaiting blood test results hopefully will be back today,the doctor did suggest I cut out gluten and wheat x

  • Hi Iv had under active thyroid for over 8 years got diagnosed with coeliac 2 years ago no stomach problems just was losing weight and feeling more tired.Had my antibodies checked which came back positive then the camera which comfired coeliac. I wasn't absorbing any vitamins.

  • Thank you hunni I really appreciate your advice, I know my thyroid antibodies were high a few month ago,and I had a perforated stomach ulcer nearly 6 year ago which nearly cost me my life and wasn't even diagnosed with an ulcer,I'm the opposite I'm putting weight on, when I eat anything with wheat or gluten I feel sick afterwards, stomach pains etc, how long did you have to wait for the camera hunni, I'm thinking of cutting wheat and gluten out tmoz when I do my monthly shop x

  • Hi at 3 months but my gp pushed to get it earlier coz I was losing so much weight. Don't go gf till you have the biospy or you will get a false reading .it was a long process but worth it in the end.usually if antibodies come back positive gp with refer you for a biopsy.

  • Okies thank you hunni yeah it Really makes sense I've just been reading up on all this, and apparently body inflammation can cause weight gain so that could be a start, healthy eating for me from tmoz will keep you updated once I've seen the doctors x

  • Good luck.

  • Forgot to say my brother was putting on weight bad stomach cramps he had the camera loads of inflammation,we are all different but good job I made him get tested.

  • Thank-you all on way to doctors now as I've had dizzy spells all weekend

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