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Just after Easter I am going on a flight (from north terminal Gatwick), that does not provide special diets. I will leave home at approx 9.30 am and arrive at our destination at approx 8pm so would like some nourishment in between! I have checked out eateries at terminal and a bit concerned at options available especially as I can't eat eggs, GF bread and cheese. There are some possibilities eg steak, chicken etc, salad and baked potato but would you trust these restaurants to avoid contamination?

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  • I tend to wimp out and take my own food. Perhaps you could check with the restaurants before you go?

  • Can you take stuff through security?

  • Yes, I think so, as long as it is not in liquid or gel form. But check with the airport just to be sure.

  • I work at Gatwick security, and I know Jamie olivers restaurant is gd, but my boyfriend who is coeliac has eaten many meals there before holiday and has never been poorly afterwards and a couple of work colleagues who are coeliac have eaten there. U can bring as much food through security as u wish just not in liquid form i.e yogurts, soups etc but u can buy anything u want after security and take it on board but as ur flight is long then just literally pack a bag full of food and bring it through, I see thousands of people a day and many of them bring a small case of food through :)

  • I never had much luck eating at Gatwick North. I tried the places recommended here but they were a waste of time. Would be interesting to see if Garfunkells can now do a GF breakfast since I slated them after their waiter told me that "if I didn't eat anything I would have to go hungry all day" (I had asked if they did anything gluten free and he said "no", so I just ordered a pot of tea). The recommended sandwich bar was useless. Although it had a good stock of vegitarian food all I could have was a fruit salad, and I had trouble making myself understood to the non-British staff.I couldn't afford to eat at Jamie Olivers, but experience tells me if you pay enough money you can get anything you want, anywhere.

  • Wow a year has flown by ... I did eat there last year in the French cafe and the waiter was brill. I just had steak and salad and a really nice pudding he recommended for me. I was fine. But guess what I am off again tomorrow morning from Gatwick North to Italy! Mia has given me some wonderful advice about eating in Sorrento and I won't need to eat at the terminal this year.

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