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I have autoimmune illness part of which is Hashimoto's, therefore I am on a gluten free diet, I am also a lifelong vegetarian,

The thing that worries me is the lack of variety in basic carbs. ie bread pasta and breakfast cereals. Most seem to be a combination of rice and maize flour. Do these products contain more or less the same nutritive value as the "normal" ones??

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    This websie may help you ... I check the labels on everything now .. it takes a bit more time but it is worth it when you finally find the right food for you personally.

  • Thanks Elle.xx

  • You're welcome beaton -x-

  • I've been totally GF since September last year. I discovered in November I had T2 diabetes (steroid induced so I'm hopefull it will go away now that I've stopped the steroids) I bought myself a blood glucose meter and discovered that grain based carbs and things like bread, oatcakes, rice - even 'healthy' grains and jacket potatoes all cause enormous spikes which I really don't want so I have cut them out of my diet altogether. I have a Fitbit and track my food and I've been amazed at how many carbs I eat in a day without bothering with the 'traditional' sources of carbs. So it might be worth investigating other sources of carbs.

  • think about the traditional cultures that are rice or corn based (India, South America) they use these two starches the same way UK people normally use wheat, eating them with every meal. There is also buckwheat, quinoa and many other starchy foods you can add for variety.

    I dont eat the manufactured goods made with these except very occasionally as they are full of things that cause me problems, so do consider filling up with brown rice, potatoes, sweet potato etc which wont have gums and processed sugars etc.

  • Thanks for your comments. It's not so much what to eat, I do eat a lot of rice - based dishes and sweet potatoes, most grains give me a problem. The question is, am I getting the same nutrients as someone on a "normal" diet ??

  • what I meant by my response was that a non-wheat based diet is 'normal' in many parts of the world. If you are concerned about gaps in nutrition do a food diary and look up the constituents- I did an OU Nutrition course a while ago and could specify everything I ate in detail! Bit of an effort but if you are interested you might like to do that.

  • Thanks Lois, OU what a great idea. I wasn't being negative about your reply just trying to get my point across.

    I did a "Health Weight" course by my local council but found that by different from the norm. they could not help me with food issues.x

  • thats ok, not always easy to get points across clearly in these little comments. The only supplement I take is Vit D because pretty well everyone is short of that, and that aids calcium absorption (I have osteoporosis), helps deal with SAD and is generally helpful in avoiding lots of health problems.

    I did my OU course ages ago but even then there were sites on the internet where you could identify foods and get a full description of the vitamins and minerals and amino acids etc- fun to use. I invented a muffin I used to have as my handbag food (before one could buy gf food out) that meant that I ate nothing but these I would get everything I needed nutritionally for the day though a few to many calories. I kept them individually wrapped in the freezer and just took one or two out with me if I knew I was going to need to eat.

    I liked the feeling of control the analysis gave me, so that may well be a good thing for you to do.

    I dont eat corn or buckwheat or soya or dairy or gums either,( though I dont have to be obssional about those) or codex wheat starch or gf can sometimes feel that there are hardly any options left, but I eat very well and dont feel deprived of anything.

  • Thanks Lois, a great reply. I can see the OU course was very useful. Would love your recipe for the muffin, eating out is alway difficult.x

  • I have a wonderful and really easy gluten free oat bran breakfast muffin recipe and unfortunately it was the first thing to go because it spiked my blood sugar horribly. Very sad indeed.

    My favourite 'handbag food' is mixed nuts and seeds, think I've probably got a little bag of them in every bag I own.

  • Thank you.x

  • I also have gluten intolerance but I as you are vegetarian so it is quite difficult for me suggest you something. I love these below food and people with gluten intolerance can have it. Check the link below.

  • Thanks Andrea, I'll check it out.x

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