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Just a short one, but one I think is relevant..

I am wondering if people are having problems with;


Difficulty in understanding basic tasks


My memory seems to be very poor of late, I was never the greatest anyway, but lately...its staggering what I can't remember, and find myself studying for lengths of time trying to remember a conversation I had about 3 hours ago, or yesterday.

The difficulty is, I look at something I know what I am looking at, but it just simply doesn't compute, I am not certain over this, in terms of whether its a symptom or part of brain fog, or is it the same thing,

Anxiety in very odd situations, from playing football, to making my tea to being at work, and in a meeting...

I am also finding my legs and fingers in my right hand twitch, plus pins and needles in my right hand, just to add to new things...?!?

I am finding the whole thing just bizarre...

I think the question is, is it me going a bit bonkers, or are there others having similar issues, and if so, what have you done to make it better? - I going mad?

(I am just about to turn 40 if that means anything?)

Look forward to hearing from you!


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Magicmarker28 have you had any routine blood tests to check your vitamin levels? Deficiency in some vitamins, especially B12 can cause the problems you describe. Type vitamins in our search bar to see previous comments.


I take supplements I will search out vitamins tomorrow....thanks.


I'm with you on this, I am often struggling to remember things which should be obvious. I also feel that I am generally more anxious about things and I can't just take things as the come, I have to plan things out and get easily flustered if things don't go to plan. I've had blood tests and told everything is OK so not sure if it's linked or not.


Yes I also suffer from all of these, and anxiety is bad, I take Kalms which I think help, as for the pins and needles, my doctor told me CD affects all the nerve endings, so maybe this is in the brain aswell!!


Hi Mark,

I don't think you're going bonkers!

If it is any help, I can tell you that I strongly suspect that being a coeliac has caused me to have depression as well (in my case it is SAD and eases off at this time of year). A significant component of depression is anxiety. I find the effort required to function normally in the winter months is much greater than in the summer months because my energy levels are lower. I am still trying to understand the causes/link myself but I think it could be a chemical imbalance - 90% of the chemical serotonin is made in the guts. Serotonin is the body's happy pill.

Brain fog - I get this when eating gluten and when eating all dairy products. When brain fogged it feels like there is a thin layer of something between me and the world. Another way of describing it would be that it feels like I have taken something - a sedative or a couple of dodgy glasses of wine and it leaves me with a spaced out feeling (like I am not quite as connected to the world as I should be). Concentration then becomes a task and a half. My memory is not quite as good when I am like this and I find I make mistakes more easily. It brings on a kind of mild confusion and guess what? - I get anxious about whether I am doing things correctly.

In my case I also have had issues with vitamin imbalances, which haven't helped. I took a regular multivitamin but it wasn't enough to combat poor absorption in the gut of some of the vitamins, especially B12. I would encourage you to keep working with your doctor because with the benefit of hindsight, I should have spoken up much sooner than I did about how I was feeling. The removal of gluten from my diet was the easy bit. Figuring out what damage it has caused has been harder and is still an ongoing process at the moment.

Good luck figuring out why you feel as you do.


Hi Mark

This is very common most of us suffer from brain fog at some time particularly if you are being glutened. Vitamin replacement does help but worth getting the doc to check your B12 levels, D levels, calcium levels, ferritin and iron levels so you can see which vitamins you need. Plus sticking to the GF diet of course. Hope you feel better soon


hi my name is sue and have been a coeliac since 1999 and have all the symptoms you describe been on antidepressants for years just about to see my doctor and will ask for vitamin deficiency tests


Hi Mark, As with previous comments the anxiety/brain-fog/tingling are very familiar and frightening symptoms for me too. I described it as my brain short-circuiting! I first suffered these symptoms when I turned 40 and shortly after I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, but last year they slowly returned with a vengeance! They have however, eased massively, since being totally gluten free.

Auto-immune thyroid disease and Coeliac/Gluten Intolerance often co-exist, so if you are following a GF diet and still getting these symptoms it's also worth asking your GP to test your thyroid function too. As Fiona and others have advised its also important to make sure your vitamin and minerals particularly B12/Iron, Vitamin D and magnesium levels are ok as your body may not be absorbing them properly if gluten or thyroid is the problem.

Best wishes, Rita


Along with the vitamins and minerals mentioned above, it may be worth while checking out the fats you are eating. Low fat options are not always healthy and you need fat in your diet to help absorb fat soluble vitamins, like vit D. The wrong balance of omega 3 to omega 6 seems to contribute to depression. There have been some studies reported on PubMed.

Good luck with sorting this out.


Hi Mark,

I was diagnosed with CD in 2007 after having problems walking! although I did also have stomach cramps which my Mother put down to indigestion. Anyway after adopting a gluten free diet my walking improved however in Dec 2011 I suffered a relapse and despite a lot of tests and confirmation that there are no Iga or Igg antibodies in my system I am awaiting an appoitnment with Marios Hadjivassilious the uk expert on Gluten Ataxia.

I think that after you have all the blood tests for vitamin and mineral defincencies if they come back normal you should see a neurologist as gluten has been proven to cause not only intestinal problems but neurological ones as well.

Best wishes,



Hi Mark,

I was reading through some gluten info yesterday looking for possible answers to my dairy issues and stumbled upon something called gluten ataxia.

It may be worth your while reading up about this condition as it may also explain some of your symptoms. A lot of the information I was reading was on American websites but I think the guy who first identified the condition is based in Britain.

Hope this helps.


If you type Ataxia in our search bar you will see previous comments on on this topic. We also have this on our current poll options.


thank you. Thanks to everyone else too, useful information I have quite a bit more info to go and be able to look into...


Not bonkers ...I get all those symptoms too - especially if I have glutened myself!



I suggest Field Control Therapy to test for the causes and apply some treatment for organ support and the removal of related harmful agents. There are 7 causes of disease, and they all have to be addressed, and can be successfully.

It sounds like parasites to me. But heavy metals as well, in combination with electromagnetic devices. The three interact, and distort cognitive function. The affair is complex, but treatable.

Medical tests will not only be inaccurate, but even they were, the medical community won't know how to deal with the problem, mostly because they don't know nor treat the cause. In fact, medication, which is used will exacerbate the condition over time.

Check out, in the US.

I don't know where you're located. I am in central Canada.

I can suggest a practitioner in the UK or US.

The treatment will take some time, and some discipline in diet and electromagnetic abstinence, but will bring recovery in time with persistence.



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