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Stupid idea !

Although I haven't had the official test for Coeliac my GP said we should treat me as if I have it. This was because I have systemic Sjogrens and because of various food problems. So I went strictly gluten free about six months ago ,feel much better and no longer have to streak across M&S to get to the loo in time.

Roll on to Friday when I had a small amount of Worcester Sauce. Encouraged by lack of bad effects I had more.....quite a bit more....on Sunday. On Monday I felt really horrible....desperately tired and lifeless with a pounding head and palpitations.

Is this how it works ? It was my own stupid fault and I won't be having any more little experiments !

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Hi bones-bones,

Yes – it is how it works!

I'm glad you do feel better on a gluten-free diet. I'm also sorry that you had to find out the hard way the consequences of not keeping to it. I guess sometimes you just have to live and learn.

Feel better soon.


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Thank you Regalbirdy.....I am feeling much better. I am living and learning !


Have a look for Henderson's Relish, it's a gluten free alternative to Wocester sauce.

It's a hard lesson to learn!


Surely you mean "Hendos" :-)

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Thank you Penel I will look out for that. Lesson learnt !


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