Has anyone had any experience with food from a 'Graze Box'?

My husband has suggested that I try a food from a 'Graze Box' We have been out a lot at weekends lately and I have had a lot of hungry experiences because the food hasn't been suitable he's come up with this as an alternative. Went on the website and the usual has come up about contamination issues. Disappointing because the snacks look really tasty!

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  • We tried for a short while before entering GF world, as you noticed - they have a disclaimer and don't guarantee no contamination. It is expensive and perhaps an unnecessary risk.

    Most of the supermarkets and other food outlets stock little snack packs, nuts, wasabi peas, popcorn and dried friut etc. We have a stockpile of packets for just these emergencies - you can buy them when they are on special offer. Or make up your own.

    A favourite train meal is homemade 'little' pancakes topped with something like hazelnut or almond butter, fine if you can have a little preparation time. Filling.

  • I had a graze box delivered regularly. You can search for "coeliac" and it comes up with all the snacks you can't have! I remember there was a way to eliminate these from your selection - it seems to explain this on the web-site.

    They do say that all the food is prepared in the same kitchen, so there will be contamination issues - but the packs seem to be mixtures of pre-prepared things (e.g. mini bread sticks, coated nuts).

    I stopped my delivery as it was getting rather repetitive - once you eliminate the unsuitable foods and those you don't like, your choice is quite small.

    Hope this helps.

  • Just had a reply from graze basically the standard reply of we can't guarantee anything re gluten contamination. My husband just doesn't get how important contamination issues are and he saw graze as a possible quick fix to our weekend eating dilemmas. He gets quite cross with me because I am permanently hungry and he doesn't understand why? I eat far more than he does and I'm still hungry so having enough food is a big deal to me. I don't weigh much and have only gained 1kg in the last 14 months so I don't feel I'm guilty of overeating. This is not a new problem I ate like a horse before diagnosis and my weight wasn't much better.

  • My gluten intolerant son eats graze (the coeliac -friendly selection) and has had no problem so far. The gluten-free brownies are yum!

  • I was about to post about Graze boxes. I have been having them but have on a few occasions been ill. I didn't tie this up with the possibility it could be from my box until last week when I had a really strong taste of seasoning/soy. I contacted them and they were helpful but couldn't really explain what had happened and mentioned that they couldn't rule out cross contamination. (I had ensured I only selected those without gluten to be in my box).

    So for now I'm using some of their ideas and making them up myself- cheaper and possibly less risky.

  • They state on their website that they can't rule out cross contamination because all the boxes are prepared in the same kitchen, so this will be the source even though you only chose gf options

  • Honestly they are good but nothing you can't do yourself you can buy all the things they have as gf from the free from aisle at supermarket - if gf high calorie snacks are what you are after you should have no problem - I find Asda and Sainsburys best but all supermarkets vary and you'll find different things at each of them.

  • I bulk buy a mix of the Nakd bars direct from their website and I always have a couple in my handbag. They're delicious obviously but also handy because they can take a certain amount of squashing.

  • i get a graze box once a month i admit is a little dearer i always choose from the coeliac section and its so simple to rate or slate the items just mark bin with the things you can,t eat from the start this box i,ve got brilliant black forest and its classed as a light 98 cal nibble i like that before you order you can find out whats in everything they contain and by only ordering the boxes as you want them i,m no longer tempted to buy the free from snacks ie my favourite coconut macaroons with chocolate on ( i can,t stop with them till all gone ) i,ve always been fine with graze and they do loads of tasty treats with surprises like there is a shortcake one which i thought i would have to avoid went on site checked and was glad it was suitable for coeliacs

  • Tupperware filled with tasty things would be cheaper and you would feel more assured that you weren't going to get accidentally glutened.

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