Strange numbness in hand a arm? Any Idea

I have noticed over the last few weeks that I have started to get numbness in my right hand and sometimes whole are. It feels a bit like pins and needles but more of an annoying numbness. It occurs most when I am in bed but I have tried lying on my side back etc and it doesn't make any difference. This morning I can feel it even when I am up and about and it feels weird. Has anyone had anything like this? Any comments very welcome.

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  • Which part of your hand does it affect primarily?

    I occasionally get phases of having pain and numbness in my little and ring fingers which is worse at night but generally happens because I've been using the touchpad on my laptop too much for a week or two. Occasionally it will go up my arm and under my armpit. It's an ulnar nerve lesion probably caused by compression at the elbow in my case.

  • Hi, it's most of my hand even the palm just feels odd. Not proper pins and needles but more of a loss in sensation / numbness - bit difficult to explain really.

  • recommend you see a chiropractor - I have a lot of trouble with my spine as I have feet that pronate and even with orthotics still have problems. I use a McTimony chiropractor as they do miniscule movements rather than the giant bone crunching you see in comedies.

    also, as NorthernSoul says, check your posture on any routine task.

  • Thanks for your comments. Thought I'd just ask to see if there was a chance it's yet another possible symptom or side effect of CD.

  • Hi Ian - such sensations are normally apparent pre-diagnosis. It's most probably due to the causes northernsoul and Lois mention. You could also ask what your B12 count is next time you see your GP as if that is low - which is common in coeliacs- that can cause similar sensations.

  • when my calcium and d3 were mega low...i got a lot of pins and needles and numbness in my hands and arms. since i've been taking supplements it seems to have stopped.... go get ya bloods checked if i was you..

    janie :)

  • yes I go through phrases of a similar thing, only when I wake up in the morning, but have just put it down to maybe sleeping on my arm. It's a horrible feeling and takes ages to go back to normal.

  • Probably a trapped nerve in the neck...i had the same.. totally numb hands on waking a nd then pins and needles

  • Hi Ian,

    Although I don't disagree with the above suggestions of chiropractic intervention etc this is worth mentioning to your GP.

    Paul Harris RGN

    Blue Horizon Medicals.

  • I agree with Ian I suggest a visit to the doctor. Any numbness needs to be treated with caution. It could be anything or nothing. Just get it checked.

  • I get tingling and pins and needles in my feet. I think it is all down to nerve damage which coeliacs can suffer from . Irene

  • I had this for a while and thought it was related. My endo told me that if it was in my index and middle fingers mostly then it was likely to be trapped nerve, if it was in my little and ring fingers it was more likely to be carpal tunnel related.

    Thankfully it was a trapped nerve and went away after about 3 months!

  • It could have a connection to you cd or it could be a compressed nerve or something. I get exactly the same when my thyroid levels drop.....have you had your thyroid checked? I'd have parts of my arm 'asleep' all day but it didn't go through that awful pins & needles, it would just slowly go away. Def a doctors visit

  • Are you on blood pressure medication? Side effects of some include tingling, numbness, etc in extremities.

    And yes, go see a doc.

  • Thanks for your comment, no I'm not on blood pressure medication, yet!!

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