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Sore, swollen gums


Sofor just over a week now I've had a swollen and painful upper right back gum.

To me it feels lumpy and tastes raw. It's too far back for me to see however a friend of mine saw some of it and has said it's very very red with dark red (nearly black) splotches

It's so painful I'm detered from eating, drinking, smiling, talking, brushing my teeth, basically anything to do with moving my face.

I'm not sure whether to go to the doctors or wait to see if it goes.

Any ideas?

Could it be related to my previous wheat intolerance?

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If it's lasted for over a week, get it checked out.


You could go gp but I think a trip to the dentist would be wise, dental issues can go from uncomfortable to agonising in a very short time frame and emergency dental treatment is not cheap!


Gum disease or an abscessed tooth. Get it checked out.

How are your vitamin levels?


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