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I'm getting the hang of this

Just wanted to say a big thank you to the forum.... for being there. Had a great holiday in Canada where my kinfolk all ran out and got 'special' breads and buns. The Hotel I stayed in was great for breakfast although when the waitress was queried 'how do you make your gf toast?', she wasn't aware of toaster cross contamination so *big points* I whipped out my toast bags which they used.

Last week I had my first 'glutened' experience. Not good and felt I lost a few days of my life. Still can't figure out the culprit.

Went to the GP who signed me off for a fortnight with 'menopausal symptoms' and told to find the prescription stuff I can use (I've been spending ££ on flours). He's also sending me back to the dietician and consultant due to ongoing bloating and wind. It continues even though I've eliminated the Codex wheat starch.

But yesterday, after looking at back posts, I took the chance, sorted and washed my 'may contain traces' red lentils and cooked up an Indian feast (my SO actually prefers the wholegrain rice), so I'm eating myself healthy.

I'm practically off caffeine (for iron levels), taking supplements and pribiotics and I'm doing some mindfulness and trying to get the hang of touching my head to my toes (Yoga).

It's been a hard few months since my gastroscopy/diagnosis of coeliac but just like my consultant said,

'You'll get the hang of this', and I am.

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Hi MapleMamma

Well done you!

It's great to hear that you're coping and adapting to your new way of living.

Thanks for posting to let us all know how you are getting on.

Keep taking care of yourself.

R.B xx


Hi Maple, this is good news so good for you and you're in good company on here as we all have shared emotions.

Avoiding caffeine is very wise not just because of iron but because it strips our bodies of calcium and as coeliac are prone to osteoporosis and osteopenia it is wise to cut down on caffeine.

It also becomes second nature and you will soon become savvy on what you can and cannot eat, it is after all a completely new way of life.

So keep on the sunny side.


Good to hear you are getting the hang of it.

Perhaps have a look at the posts on FODMAPS on here to see if they might help with the bloating.


The bloating could be because of a temporary lactose intolerance which should be OK when the villi has healed. Many coeliac have this because the enzyme that breaks down the lactose is produced at the tips of our villi. You villi is also just starting to work properly again after years of being glutened, so I'm not surprised your insides are still settling down and you want to let them settle down, so be gentle with them...


RegalLady it's not all smooth sailing as we all know so thank you for your kind words.

Thanx for the info on FODMAPS Penel, I've been reading so much but will put it on my list.

Regarding lactose Jerry, I've mentioned this to the dietician who poo poo'd it. (She phoned when she got the GP's referral) This was one of the dieticians would told us we 'can treat' ourselves 'once in a while' with gluten products. Remember my outrage regarding that session? ... and breathe ;-)

I'm being gentle with myself and giving it all time. That is probably the best advice.


Good heavens! How can a dietician with no idea about coeliac disease be giving advice?

Have you tried just giving up dairy products for a while? It's been too many years for me to remember exactly, but after avoiding dairy for some time I am now OK with lower lactose dairy products like yoghurt and cream.


The problem with tea is tannin (hinders iron absorption when taken with a haem rich meal), not caffeine, as does any tannin food.

Report the dietitian - it's lethal advice.


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