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Does anyone blog about their Endo/Adeno?

I am curious to see if anyone here blogs about there trials with Endometriosis or Adenomyosis? I have started talking about my experiences on my blog and have felt it a good way to keep track of my problems and meetpeople in the same situations.

I don't want to post a link on here incase I'm not allowed (not sure of rules) but was just curious to see if anyone else does this?

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Hi miss wendy, Endometriosis has come up on here in the past, so here's a link to them, please see:

Now your blog sounds interesting and as we have other members who also have the condition, they would be interested I imagine, so the rules are: no direct advertising but someone else can recommend a product, what no -one wants is for the site to become inundated with gf products/services.

I'd post a link and if anyone objects then blame me and I'll put that in writing LOL.

Another good idea is to include info about your blog on your profile and put a link to it there.

Sharing experiences can be very beneficial so good for you keeping a blog so let us all have a look at it.

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Sorry I didn't realise I'd posted this in Gluten Free *doh* haha. I'll pop the link in my bio instead, thanks for the advice though I appreciate it :)

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