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Hi I have tested positive for blood test and awaiting the endoscopy still on gluten until then.

One of the main symptoms for me was anxiety as it all started with what I suppose was a panic attack . I have muscle weakness , pins & needles arms, hands . Mood swings terrible irrational temper ,cray at drop of a hat and exhaustion , I also wake up at night sweating and now for the past week a headache which is tension like up left side of neck and over head affecting my eyesight slightly- this particular symptoms aphasia now kick started panic and anxiety again. Did anyone else have these symptoms - I just wish they would hurry up with endoscopy so I can turn this around.


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Hi Carri477,

Coeliac Disease caused me to have anxiety and depression. It also caused fatigue and the exhaustion symptoms you describe - which was partly the reason why my GP did the Coeliac Disease blood test in the first place.

Regarding the pins and needles - have you had your B12 tested recently? Coeliac disease often causes a B12 deficiency and it isn't something that should be ignored. I suggest if you have been tested, that you find out the exact result asap. My GP ignored my B12 result initially because it was only a couple of points below the lower end of the normal range. I was actually quite deficient! After some debate with my GP, I now have regular injections. Based on this, I personally think (and would recommend) that B12 levels for a Coeliac should ideally be around the mid-range (or higher) to be ok.

A B12 deficiency can also affect mental health. I know that I'm still not as balanced mentally when my B12 injection is due. There is an American psychiatrist called Kelly Brogan who's take on vitamin B12 is well worth checking out on YouTube.

It might also be worth checking that the GP has tested your thyroid function as well, to ensure that there is no issue there.

I hope this helps, good luck with the endoscopy.


Thank you so much , I struggle between what is caused by coeliac and what was caused by anxiety it's a vicious circle. Hopefully once gluten eliminated I can see the difference and I will speak to dr about b12 x



Muscle weakness and exhaustion can also be a symptom of vitamin D deficiency... which can also be another byproduct of having Coeliac Disease (I know about this from personal experience as well).

However I would suggest getting all your Coeliac tests and results out of the way first, before asking your GP to investigate for a Vit D deficiency; as this blood test is not as routinely done on the NHS without good cause.


Let's face it you're causing an autoimmune reaction so no wonder you feel so bad. You may also be anaemic and being low in ferritin can feel like anxiety. When you see the gastroenterologist following the biopsy they'll do a range of blood tests.

If you think you have anxiety for some psychological reason then get that sorted out. That's not for the gastro's room, you won't have enough time.


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