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I'm not coeliac, according to my tests, but definitely gluten and grain sensitive. I am also hypothyroid and have high cortisol, but not high enough to warrant a Cushing's diagnosis.

I saw DPP IV mentioned on a facebook group and wondered if anyone has first hand experience? I was thinking it might be handy for travelling and eating out when you don't trust the chef/waiter.

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Hi ruthi

Sorry I dont know what ddp is or have any experience.

Have you thought about the autoimmune protocol?

You can read about it at:

Best wishes



Hi Kiki, it's an enzyme that helps the body to break down gluten and casein, I also believe used by some people who have diabetes as their bodies do not produce enough of this enzyme.

Here's what say about it:

I'm sure that this has come up before on here but under another branded name as I've looked through the archives. And if I remember correctly it was suggested it would help after ingesting a small amount of gluten but none of us seemed keen to test this out, for some reason LOL.


There's one called GlutenEase, if that's the same thing. I think I bought some once early on after identifying that I had some sort of problem with gluten – or maybe just intended to – but I can't remember much more than that. I might seek out some more as an extra defence against cross-contamination in restaurants, but in that circumstance I can't really see how you could tell whether it had worked or not. As Jerry said, I'm not keen to try out a controlled experiment!


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