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celiac, b12, and more

this was an answer to someones question

so you might find it somewhere else. figured it would be good to post for those who might find it interesting.

I am not celiac, but I am gluten sensitive as is my son who has asperger syndrome. Inability to uptake b12 can be related to several factors. intestinal sluggishness from lack of pre and probiotics is the most common and definitively causes constipation. feeding your gut with high value prebiotics and adding probiotics will sluff and clean your bowels. we can hold 25 pounds of feces in our body when we are in this state, some more. the weightloss first happens due to the emptying of the bowels and it is at that time it is imperative to quickly add large amounts of probiotics to colonize the intestines in order not to allow yeasts and other bad bacteria to get a hold. keeping your good bacteria well fed and happy will increase their numbers. once probiotics are well established and you are regular and have soft stool the texture of banana, then you will be more able to uptake other vitamins and minerals, since it is the probiotics job to break down food and they produce b vitamins as well. you will absorb these much better and faster and you will feel emotionally and physically improved. at first one needs to get away from the sugars and starches for a while in order to stop feeding the bad bacteria and the yeasts in ones body, add green smoothies (raw greens and fruit) this is your prebiotic and your fiber broom to help eliminate, drink lots of water and add probiotic food such as easy home made fermented foods or buy it in pill form or powder to add to your smoothie if you like. I prefer to eat mine as fermented food witheach meal. such as kimchi, sauerkraut or lacto fermented veggies. they are very delicious and will help you with sugar cravings. I hope i have provided you with enough information to go and research this subject and bring you back to health.

with regards


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A really big thank you Ramona. I found your post really informative and it certainly got me thinking along different lines.


glad I could share...happy research and wellness to you.


Thanks Ramona, I will give it a go x


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