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I have recently discovered two things about my nails (1) I have developed horizontal ridges on my thumb nails; and (2) some of the half moons on my nails have disappeared, or are disappearing. I thought this was a weird thing so looked it up to be advised I should visit the doctor to report the horizontal ridges as this indicated I had been ill some time ago. As I have had blood tests in March and the autumn last year and nothing has been wrong I am curious as what on earth is going wrong. I have been gluten free for 2+ years so baffled. Any ideas?

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Hi Urbangirl. finger nail ridges can be an indication of thyroid issues so I'd have a chat with your GP and you might find these posts on the HU Thyroid site interesting:

You've said in the past about your low blood pressure so maybe this is all part and parcel of what is going on and it could be related to med's so it is definitely worth seeking medical advice.

And good luck with it all as sometimes it seems never ending, I know I've been there!


Thanks Jerry. I think you are probably right, but ... and this is the thing .... I have had at least 2 thyroid blood tests and they were negative. Although I understand that the test I had is only a screening and can miss the problem. It is v difficult to persuade the docs to do another test. I think they think I am a hypochondriac and coming to see them for dodgy fingernails without other symptoms makes me feel like one! Especially when other people are really sick.

One of the sites I found suggested a link with coeliac but as I have not been eating gluten for 2 years seemed a bit irrelevant.


Hi Urbangirl, when someone says that their Dr makes them feel neurotic or like a hypochondriac it makes me really cross and shows their limitations not the patients.

Also this is a double negative thought pattern with you thinking that they think you're a hypochondriac, you are not you are one of their patients and this is an indication that something is not right in your body, whether this is in it's early stages and not yet showing up on tests is irrelevant it is an indicator that all is not right. And to make this point one of the signs of anaemia is white spots under our finger nails, followed by brittle finger nails.

So how you come across with your Dr is how you communicate and yes there are a lot of sick people out there and there are a lot of sick people out there purely because of their diet. And I've said this many times before but we have to adopt and attitude of ''I'm a coeliac and I'm alright" so if you want a blood test stick to your guns with the Dr and try to feel positive so you do not come across as neurotic or as a hypochondriac, you're a coeliac with other issues and you want to know what it is full stop! If the Dr's got a problem with that then it is their problem and not yours.

That's my 2p's worth on this.

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;) thank you! You are right but I do get worried about this. Also there is a lot of advice on the internet advising people to see their doctor about things. Some things appear to be more critical than others so it is important to differentiate. It is interesting that nowadays in our practice you can only talk about one thing at a time to the doctor, therefore you have to make another appointment to discuss another symptom, therefore increasing your attendances. Also maybe the holistic picture is overlooked. I am thinking of having the following on my gravestone which will hopefully be in many many years, 'I told you I was ill!'

I am making an appointment now!


The gravestone inscription - Spike Milligan already beat you to it!


I thought so! :)


Hi Urbangirl

My nails aren't too good at the moment, not ridged but breaking easily, not much in the way of moons. I think it may be related to a period of more than average stress about 6/8 months ago. My iritis flared badly about the same time. I also have low blood pressure, but am not sure if this is related in any way.

I'm hoping that increasing my vit B levels may make a difference.

If you do visit your doctor, I would be interested in hearing how you get on.


Penel I did visit the doc and have had a load of blood tests done including Vit D, thyroid, liver, kidneys, anaemia and others that I have forgotten. He did think the ridges on the nails were significant but not the missing moons! The ridges are still growing. I can't get the results until next week but will let you know. Read quite a bit about Vit D deficiency and probably fit the profile, we will see. For me, I think the ridges are to do with stress and/or deficiencies. My diet is so restrictive, but also I could have underlying health problems associated with deficiencies. Is iritis related to stress, or diet? I was quite alarmed to read about clues from our finger nails. I checked my husbands nails and the state of them reflected his ailments - text book! It is interesting you relate your flare up to increased stress yet you have low blood pressure. I too have stress and low blood pressure. I don't mind having low blood pressure as I have been assured that it is okay and I don't have any symptoms like dizziness etc., but sometimes it is ridiculously low like 70/42! When I get a reading like that I freak and it goes racing up! It's usually 90/50 or thereabouts. I know our BP machine is okay as both my husband and I synchronise with readings in the surgery.

Take care!


Glad to hear that you visited your doctor and that you are having blood tests to identify any problems (hopefully). Having a restrictive diet does make life difficult. Are there supplements you can take?

On my last hospital visit with iritis, I was seen by a new consultant, who asked if I had had any tests to find possible underlying cause of one particular form of iritis (I hadn't) Although stress seems to be a major factor, it can be linked to a variety of autoimmune problems/infections, but it was too long after the flare to do any tests. If it happens again, perhaps I will be able to find out if there is a specific cause. My low bp has never been mentioned as a potential problem.

I'm wondering if my nail problems may be related to a month's course of antibiotics some time ago. Having had a lengthy period of reasonably good health, I now feel as though I'm on a treadmill, trying to get back there.

Good luck with the results, Urbangirl.


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