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Pins & needles & cold hands & feet

I've been suffering with cold hands & feet and pins and needles in my hands & feet for the last 2 yrs , I follow a gluten free diet and take vit d supplements Daily.

I've been investigated for diabetes and this has been ruled out as a cause.

My consultant has not been able to give me a answer for problems but is of the opinion that it's related to my coeliac desease.

Has anybody else come across this complaint ?....

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I have this but I presumed it was linked to either RA or coeliac (I suffer with both) as they're both autoimmune disorders both of which cause other issues such as you're suffering from and many (many) others!

Best advice I can offer is to keep hands warm and dry, keep a pair of gloves with you even in the summer - wind can chill really quickly, invest in some good waterproof footwear. If you wear wellies I can recommend Hunter tall snow wellies, they really really keep your feet dry, and they keep them warm too (I spend a lot of time outside, not going to festivals sadly!!).

It may be worth looking at your diet and seeing whether removing or reducing caffeine, helps. Stopping smoking is obvious. Some medication causes peripheral constriction so have a look at any drugs you take and have a chat with your GP if you're worried. Increase exercise if you can, even walking will help circulation.

You may feel reading about Raynaud's syndrome sheds some light and provides answers.

Hope this helps!!!!



Have they checked your B12 level is OK? I was diagnosed with pernicious anaemia a few years ago after I went to the doctor with pins and needles in my feet. I still get them a bit now that I'm on regular B12 injections, but not half as much as I did. I strongly suspect I'm coeliac but tested negative and, come to think of it, get the cold hands thing too but never really connected it to this.


You might have Raynauds syndrome.


I have raynauds and get the cold and tinglies, not necessarily at the same time, the hospital "finger pegs" do not work on me, and my feet feel as if I am walking on gravel barefoot when they are cold, my feet buzz all the time.


L4 / L5 disk troubles can lead to pins and needles. Posture. Sitting at computer with wrong posture while looking up ailments for too many hours instead of moving around can lead to a lot of our health issues. Stress (good and bad) needs to be reduced. |What keeps you up at night or wakes you in the morning? Does the phone go off early in the am? Turn off your cell phone so you can sleep uninterrupted. Are you "jangled" regularly while trying to relax - put in earplugs, block the bright light. Go to sleep between 1030pm and 6 am to get maximum REM sleep. Many nightowls hurt their health with late night habits. It does not help to sleep between 1:00 am and 9:00 am as healing of our systems takes place between 1030pm and 2:00 am I've heard. Would love to learn more about why.

Agree with Freelancer here that B Vitamins seem to play a role in our nerve health. Try a multi-vitamin or if you can't handle a multi (some people - like me - actually get sick with a multi every day), try a few times a week or isolate the vitamins (take them individually).

Get rid of body damaging habits. Listen to your body.

I have found some relief with gabapentin ( a nerve settler), but side effects such as drowsiness are dangerous and can be more annoying than the pain. Work with your doctor to adjust dosages for maximum relief with minimum impairment. I sometimes prefer to have to the pain over the drowsiness, so long as I know the source of the pins and needles (such as a pinched nerve in neck or back, etc).

Cold hands and feet - have a circulation test - some health units can do a lower leg test (lots of people as they get older have circulation problems). I've had pins and needles in my feet, fingers a lot over the past 15 years. I have fallen arches and wear orthotics to mitigate that somewhat, and if my feet feel good, generally the rest of me feels pretty good too. Work on losing weight, restrict portion size at the table. Don't eat after supper.

Do GENTLE exercise regular to get things moving. Again, posture.


B12 and Magnesium Deficiencies could cause the pins and needles.

Cold hand and feet could be low thyroid function.

Coeliac condition impairs the absorption of keys vitamins and minerals that are integral to thyroid function mainly iron, magnesium, zinc, etc



Just wondering if you'd had a thyroid function blood test? An underactive thyroid can cause those symptoms. If you haven't had this done I'd consider asking your G.P. for a blood test, even if to only rule that out.


Not sure of hip pain but pins and needles could be caused from b12 deficiency.


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