Travelling in Japan

Travelling in Japan

If you are coeliac, Japan is not the best place to visit. One evening we visited nine restaurants, armed with a translation card into Japanese about coeliac. Nine of them turned me away

We eventually found one which said my meal was gluten free but by this time I was a bit paranoid and could not make myself eat it

The only plus was that I ate lots of fruit

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  • Can't they give you sashimi? Surely they don't do too much to that? What food did they give you in the end? I'd love to go to Japan but feel that avoiding soy sauce has potentially closed off the whole of Asia!

  • Yes but I don't particularly like fish. Plus, the dipping sauces are not gf

  • Take a translation card. Try or for ones you can download. I put the English details on one side and the foreign ones on the other, never go out without one even in UK.

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