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Tesco 'Finest' food event

I have registered to take part in the Tescos food events that they are holding. Apparently you get a goody bag and can ask questions about their finest range.

I am going to ask, as they are so 'passionate' about their food in the finest range, how difficult it would be to add 'suitable for coeliacs' or 'gluten free' on to the labels of their finest range.

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Sounds good. How do I do that too Weee? Is it online or are they instore events?


Great that would be very helpful


I was invited by email, via my clubcard and apparently those who have purchased from the 'finest' range before are invited. (Talk about big brother watching you..eeekk)

Anyway they are holding them regularly over the next few months up and down the country.

It was interesting and we were given a talk on how and where they source the ingredients for the range.

I of course asked how difficult it would be to add 'suitable for coeliacs' or 'gluten free 'to the labelling as they do it for vegetarians. I was told that it is something they are definitely looking into as it is being asked for more and more.

I also added the question to my evaluation form..

So we shall see..

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would they have to change many of their recipies to make them gluten free / coeliac friendly though?


They have their 'free from ' range which is gluten free (and often dairy free too ) so it may be that they improve or increase that range.


ahh i see yes obviosuly, didn't necessarily think of that, i thought you meant in my local tesco the range is limited if you want to buy specific GF foods, so i tend to not even bother and just make my own. Be interested though to see what they had to say about this..


Tesco have recently had GF in their Finest range. I had white chocolate & cranberry cookies yesterday - dangerously moreish! They put them with the FreeFrom selection.


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