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Any Coeliacs out there with Dermatomyositis

I am currently in remission from Dermatomyositis, which is an autoimmune condition which affects the skin and muscles. It can be extremely debilitating (and life threatening) when not controlled which, thankfully, mine is at the moment. My 4 year old daughter is a diagnosed Coeliac and my question is, are there any Coeliacs out there who have also been diagnosed Dermatomyositis or Polymyositis? I know that many other auto-immune conditions can be linked with coeliacs... thank you very much! x

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Dear Elise's mummy, had not heard of this condition before but it certainly sounds serious and rather nasty. As if coeliac isn't enough to cope with - I wish you both well and hope you are in remission for a long long time. Best of luck x



My husband is also affected by DM - a nasty and horrible autoimmune disease.

There has been a ton of research done the definitively links JDM with celiac disease/gluten sensitivity. The link with adult DM and gluten issues is less documented, but sufficient enough, in my opinion, to encourage a GF lifestyle. My own reading on gluten free living has convinced me that gluten is an enormous trigger for autoimmune responses. We are slowly moving to a GF/Paleo lifestyle in our home, and I can see a difference not only in my husband, but in my son and also my own health.

I hope this helps. All I can say is do your research. And Good luck with everything! xo


Hi, I have had the same experience. My Dermato went into remission after I was diagnosed with my Celiac. What a crazy experience to have.


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