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Getting adrenals checked

Hi I noticed on a post the other day that Regalbirdy mentioned about getting adrenals checked if you are still feeling tired. I have since done a search on the website and can see that there are other posts regarding this. I also noticed that there seems to be two tests, a blood test and saliva tests.

Some people were saying that they had cravings for salty foods, i don't have these but others were saying that they had cravings for carbs which i tend to have.

I have to have some blood tests for vitamin d and zinc on Friday which were low last time tested, so thought i would mention it to nurse at the same time.

Just wondering whether anyone can advise me which test is the best to ask for, any help would be appreciated.

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Hi tmoxon.

If you're going for it via the NHS, it will be a blood test. The GP may raise an eyebrow at your request at first; because cortisol blood tests aren't as routine as many of the other blood tests they order.

Do be aware that it has to be taken before 9am to get the proper results! You might need to ask to be be fast tracked when you show up on the day of the blood test to ensure it's taken at the right time. Don't do what I did and sit there waiting like a dummy...! It meant that my first blood test was useless.

If you have difficulties getting the tests you need, it might be worth your time asking for endocrinology referral instead.

Good luck.


Hi Regalbirdy thank you for your response.

I was diagnosed via the immunology dept at hospital, they routinely check every patient so it was only a fluke that i was diagnosed. I thought I had an allergy but they tested me and found nothing other than the cd and dh, I used to have to go on steroids in summer to be able to breathe and think that the cd may have been the cause as my body was probably fighting the attack of gluten for so long.

Anyway just in case i do come up against any opposition with regards the cortisol check just wondering what the GP would normally send someone to an endocrinologist for ( sorry if this sounds like a stupid question)

Thank you for your help, did you go private to get your tests done?


No - the GP did the first one. The others were done by the Endo who went on to order a Short Synacthen test when the cortisol test came back abnormal.

I was originally referred to the Endo for my severe vitamin D deficiency.

The latest twist in my story is that they are currently trying to find out why I still have macrocytosis, despite my B12 and folate levels being good (and p.s I'm not an alcoholic either - I rarely drink!).

Good luck with the tests.


Thank you for your reply, it is all extremely complicated, I have deficiencies in vitamin d and zinc but they are not very low just under what is considered normal and although i have vitamin b injections i am above the lowest level as well.

Sorry to hear that you are still having to do tests etc to see what is wrong, I hope that the doctors you are seeing are on the ball and you end up getting the correct treatment, I think a lot of us have to rely on these forums and people like yourself who post about their treatment etc. to gain the information to go to the GP and hope they listen.

Thanks again


I had a private adrenal test and they use saliva tests NOT blood tests as they said it didn't give accurate enough results.

Hope this helps!


Hi BerkshireBird thanks for your comments, can you advise where i would get the saliva tests done and an indication of costs please



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