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Trust your gut!

Well, it's been a while since I've posted on here, and how negative my previous posts were- thank you all, again, for your support.

I'll break the news straight away- I'm officially Coeliac! Am I happy? Yes. Did the diagnosis process seem worth it? No.

I'd say, ladies and gentleman, a gluten free challenge is painful and draining- mentally and physically. If you are benefiting on a gluten free diet, do not ruin it, just to prove yourself. People who do not accept or trust in you when you say 'I feel better, when I'm gluten free, so I'm not eating it, thank you', are not worth the energy and pain that comes with a difficult diagnosis.

My journey took 5 years and apparently, Im one of the lucky ones. I knew, in my heart, the foods that didn't agree with me, but continued to fill my petrol tank with diesel. I became so depressed with eating that my college grades, relationships and friendships suffered. For those who don't know, I was looking for a diagnosis for my father and step mum, who I lived with.

It was only in the last year that I managed to convince my doctor to refer me to gastro, after 6 consistent negative blood screens. In January, I was diagnosed with a large hiatus hernia and vilious atrophy, but all I came away with was a booklet on how to cope with Gerd. Discussing the results with my doc, he was still relluctant to say 'Coeliac'. During the last couple of months, after still no confirmation, I moved out of my parents home and changed doctors (for the 5th time in my life). As soon as he learnt of my vilious atrophy, he said 'so you're Coeliac'. Hearing my story, he ran more tests, worried about how ignored my symptoms had been, in their severity. Through that I was diagnosed with two types of arthritis. One of which, apparently is caused as a result of gastro-intestinal and auto immune diseases and intolerances to certain sweeteners and lactose, as well as thyroid compilations. He has said that most of these could have been avoided, should I have been diagnosed sooner or carried on eating gluten free.

I am 18. I can't live my life like my friends. I have to take 7 types of tablets every morning, each of which have to be carefully monitored.

I am glad for answers and sense of relief. I am much more positive and manage my symptoms well. My Gerd symptoms are gone, as others are less. The arthritis is worse when my diet is worse. I've noticed that the less human intervention in my food, the better my body reacts. Gluten isn't a clean protein anymore. Some of us just aren't capable of eating it. If that's you, don't let people make you believe otherwise. Stick up for yourself and keep pushing.

I kind of wanted this to be positive, or at least enlightening, maybe not, but let me just finish with: the people that supported me are my friends and have stuck by my side, in every step, with or without 'Coeliac', the only people that needed the label for proof, aren't in my life anymore. It's something I think about and hope will spark thought in others.

All the best x

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Hi Abby thanks for the update. Although it's not ideal we're so pleased that you finally got diagnosed correctly! We remember what a hard time you were going through before. We'd love to reproduce this blog on our Tumblr blog - with your permission. Feel free to message us privately on here or comment below if you're happy for us to do so. Coeliac can be a pain in the ass but what is does teach you who is who your real friends are - which is always a valuable lesson. Hope that you can now get your body and lifestyle back in balance now that you have a diagnosis to build on.

Best of luck



Thanks Fiona.

I have no problems with you doing such. X


Sure does sort out your real friends and lots more to boot.


Hi Abby, if you show this level of determination and fighting spirit in the rest of your life then I'm sure you'll be very successful in whatever your chosen path is!

Good luck with continued improvements.



Dear Abby.

I'm fairly new to this so I hadn't seen your previous posts but I think you're to be admired for your determination. I've just turned 50 and its taken me most of my adult life to learn some of the things that you've already had to learn.

Well done for being true to yourself and finding out who your real friends and supporters are.

I wish you well in all you do in the future. With your attitude I'm sure you'll make the most of your life.

Best wishes.

Jo :o)


Hi Abby, very interesting post! So glad you've got to a good stage where you are moving on. Sometimes that can be really hard, letting go of all the old stuff (I'm in my mid-40s...) - and I'm not talking about food, I'm talking about habits of thought and feeling, and the people who generate those thoughts and feelings... Go for the future Abby! Make it as bright and as illuminating as you can, both for you and those of us travelling behind you! Cheers for sharing! :)


Good luck with everything. Can you tell us which tablets specifically are you taking and what are they for?

Thank you


Hi. Abbey. I would not have known I was coeliac i I had not fallen and fractured my elbow. I already have ostroporosis, so had another bone scan and blood tests. Results were sky high for coeliac, abd endoscopy fully confirmed it. My symptoms were weight loss, tiredness and osteoporosis, Having to change my diet I find hard at times, as i used to eat all the rubbish around. My doctor put me on complan for my weight, but it made no differerence at and only when hospital did blood tests i found out. I had it. was only diagnosed before Christmas, so no weight gain yet, but sure my villi is saying thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Abbey

This is very inspiring, I cannot face having to go back to eating a gluten diet just to get a positive result, and your comments have made me more certain that I know my own body and the results of a test is not going to change my reaction to gluten.

And you are right the people that matter understand what you have to go through should you have any of the bad stuff - but what really annoys me are the people that just think you are a fussy eater!!

All the best

Louise :-)


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