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strep B on c-section scar

Hello,I had a c-section 2 weeks a go.It got infected and was confirmed its strep b.iv been given antibiotics but nothing has been done to my baby.No tests to check if she got the infection.My Gp said they don't do tests on baby at the practise.Im so scared..what should i do? can my baby be tested privately?if so where?i feel like my Gp is just dismissing me saying baby can't have infection as she was delivered through planned c_section.please help

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Congratulations on the safe arrival of your baby and I'm sorry to hear of the problems you've had.

Health professionals are generally reluctant to perform invasive tests on an apparently well baby. Most babies who develop group B Strep infection do so in the first 12 hours of life, and the signs and symptoms of infection are usually quite noticeable. As your daughter is over 12 hours old, and appears well, the chances of her developing a group B Strep infection are low.

There is, however, a very small chance of your daughter developing late-onset GBS infection. These occur after the baby’s first six days, and are uncommon after a baby is one month old, and very rare after three months old. We’ve written more about the signs and symptoms of infection here:

Hope that helps - please don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions about group B Strep and, of course, if you are concerned about your baby's health at any time, do seek a medical review (and mention group B Strep).

Best wishes



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