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Hi i was wondering if i could have some opinions around antibiotics suring labor. I have been diagnosed with Group B strep at 39 weeks found not in urine but around vagina. There is a lot of conflicting information around having antibiotics during labor as some doctors believe it can cause more problems for the babies bacteria in their tummy and the risk of nausea and diarrhoea during labor. On the other hand though it can decreases the babies risk of contracting strep B during birth. Basically, what is the risk of the antibiotics on the babies belly? and how would they treat an infected baby anyway? I only have 6 days left if that and cannot seem to be able to make a decision HELP.

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I can't answer the question about effects on your body during labour (though I know others can and will) but in relation to whether you should accept antibiotics if you know you carry Group B Strep? My answer is a RESOUNDING YES.

You see, I had never heard of GBS until my baby was born, I never knew it existed, nor that it could be prevented, nor that it *could* be so deadly. I didn't learn anything about it until my newborn son's body had completely shut down and he was in neonatal intensive care fighting for his life. At sixteen hours old, he was grunting, wouldn't eat, wouldn't sleep and wouldn't stop crying. When he was taken to NICU, he stopped breathing, was suffering constant seizures and completely jaundiced (bright yellow skin). He was put on life support and the doctors battled for over a week before he could even be taken off life support. He spent three weeks in intensive care and while, thankfully, he is alive, he is severely hearing impaired, visually impaired, developmentally delayed, and has other health problems.

I *wish* I'd been in the immensely fortunate position you are, because you know about GBS and you can choose to protect your baby. It is entirely true that many women will carry the bacteria and only a small proportion of babies will become ill as a result, but there is no way of knowing *which* babies will become ill. For those who do - like my son - the results are devastating. If you want to know more about his story, please visit my blog which is

In the meantime, I do wish you every blessing for good health for both you and your baby during labour and delivery.


All I can say is please don't consider not having the antibiotics, I don't want to tell you my horror story but please don't hesitate to have the antibiotics.


Like the other lady I had NEVER heard of strep b until my little girl was fighting for her life!

If I am lucky enough to have another baby I wouldn't hesitate to have the antibiotics in labour! Having tummy problems will be the least of your babies problem if u risk it!!! Knowledge is power and u know u have it so please please have the antibiotics and save u and your baby and family a lot of heartache! My baby girl is one of he lucky ones but the trauma of it all nearly destroyed me and my family!!!! I wish u all the best xx


My experience with GBS is during the neonatal period, not labour but I had to reply. With everything I have learnt about GBS in the last 5 years I would without a doubt have the antibiotics in labour. The effects you talk antibiotics in labour should of course be considered, but i believe they are greatly outweighed by the risks of your child have a GBS infection after birth.

They treat infected babies with antibiotics, but please don't be under the illusion that it's as simple as that. Babies who become infected can be seriously unwell, sometimes they make a full recovery, sometimes with lasting damage and sometimes the baby is not that lucky. Having watched my child fight an infection.....please let me just say, you really don't want to watch your baby go through that, if you have the choice take the antibiotics, it could save your child's life.

Good luck with you rly our and delivery, hope all goes well for you x


I lost my first beautiful granddaughter Rosie at 4 days old through her mummy carrying GBS, We had never heard of it .Do have the antibiotics you do not want to go through the heart break and agony we all have . Rosie now has a little sister Victoria born safely because her mummy had antibiotics in labour but sadly the two sisters will never meet in this life. For all the information you need go to they have helped us immensely since we lost Rosie


Fabulous to see so many responses to your request!

In terms of more information, there's lots on our website and specifically if you look under the What is GBS? tab at the top, there's info written specifically for pregnant women and a fairly detailed FAQ section.

In terms of risks of antibiotics when given around birth and in the early weeks of life, there is the chance they may increase the likelihood of the baby developing allergies. Although a lot of press space is given to this, data are unfortunately lacking on whether it’s the giving of antibiotics that causes the allergies, or whether there are other reasons (for example, genetics, environment, disease, etc.). This is an area where more research is needed!


My daughter, born in 1984 has been left severely disabled by GBS. I didn't have the choice of antibiotics back then, you do.

All best wishes for your labour and delivery.


As a previous poster said, you are extremely lucky to know that you have GBS prior to going into labour. I didn't know I was a carrier until it came back as the reason for my daughter's death. My waters had gone without me knowing, which let the infection in and killed my baby. She was stillborn at 39 weeks. Please take the anti-biotics x


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