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Losing a child through Group B Strep Infection

On the 13/09/2012 we lost our gorgeous baby boy Jack at 23 weeks pregnant due to me contracting the Group B Strep Infection. Unfortunately we were given only 4% chance of his survival as my waters had broken on the 7th Sept and this was my first pregnancy I was unsure my waters had broken I thought i had a urine infection thats why I was on the toilet all nite.

We gave birth our baby boy although he had already passed away due to lack of fluid around him due to the infection, Jack was born on 15/09/2012 at 2.59pm after starting labour on the 13/09/2012 late at night.

We had a lovely cremation for our gorgeous boy on 26/09/2012 and my husband and I are totally devestated. We are worried about maybe having another baby as we know we couldn't go through this again. We feel so much for families that are affected by this as there are no answers to why and no guarantees this will not happen again if we do decide to try again.

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I am so very sorry to read this. Please accept my condolences on the loss of your precious baby boy. What heartache for you and all your family and friends. I'm sure others on here will share their experiences of GBS, many of whom have had healthy babies after GBS has struck a previous baby.

In terms of another pregnancy, the fact that your baby died as a result of GBS infection does not mean a future baby will too, although it does mean future babies will be at increased risk. Our medical advisory panel strongly recommends women who have previously had a baby who had GBS infection should be given intravenous antibiotics from the start of labour or waters breaking until delivery for any subsequent children (so new test for GBS carriage in future pregnancies would be needed). This is very effective at reducing the risk to any future baby.

With regard to your premature labour, GBS - along with many other bacteria found in the vagina - can cause infection of the baby in the womb, which can result in preterm birth. It is assumed that the GBS cause a local infection in the amniotic membranes, which surround the baby, and this induces preterm labour (there are a number of other organisms that can have a similar effect). However, premature labour is usually caused by a variety of factors other than GBS: such as genetic defects, gynaecological problems, other infections, etc. For another pregnancy, it's really important that you all possibilities are investigated fully by a consultant obstetrician at booking (or before - I saw my obstetrician before we even started trying again), as well as ensuring the GBS risk is addressed. Thankfully such premature births are uncommon (but not uncommon enough!) and GBS is a rare cause of them.

At the moment, there are no effective prevention tools for before labour starts - for the antibiotics tested so far, their use throughout pregnancy does not prevent preterm delivery due to any cause, including GBS. Also, the effects of long-term antibiotics on the baby during pregnancy have not been assessed, although we know that short courses of, for example, amoxycillin, seem to be exceptionally safe.

Unfortunately there are no guarantees - I wish there were. Having said that, at GBSS we know that pregnancies after a loss caused by GBS, although difficult, almost always end with a healthy baby and a healthy mum. It may be that, in time, a vaccine will help but unfortunately that's still many years away. In the meantime, working with your health professionals to develop a plan based on your particular circumstances and which include addressing the GBS risk is clearly key.

Do please give us a call in the office if we can help in any way, or just to chat. And, again, I'm so sorry to hear of Jack's death. Hugs to you and your husband.


Just to say how very sad for you and your family to have lost Jack. My very sincere condolences. As Jane said above please do phone the GBSS office . The number is 01444 416176.


Thank you both for your lovely comments and when I am able to speak to people I will call. Thank u again



So sorry to hear of the death of your son Jack, loosing a child to something like GBS is awful and life changing experience to go through.

My son Cayden was born at 32+1 weeks, from spontaneous onset of laour and required some oxygen support and tube feeding down to prematurity. He was doing so well and the dr said to us he is nearly ready to come home. 2 days later aged 20 days he contracted late onset GBS, meningtius and septicemia, he fought for 2 days but evetually we removed life support and he died in my arms aged 22 days.

No explanation was ever given or even pondered for very long, the hospital just wasn't that interested in why the labour started early. I have 1 older child and 1 born a year after we lost Cayden, both were delivered at 38+2 days into the pregrancy, so the premature labour was not an issue before or since. My pregnancy after loss was, (I won't lie) long, and anxious...I just couldn't see a happy ending but I was still sooo deep in grief (not great

timing really!). A midwife once said to me, 'Mother nature can be very cruel, but she can be wonderful as well' at a time where I could only focus on the negative and not be postive.

My thoughts are with you and your family at this very sad time for you all xxxx


I am so new to this site and wish it was here all 13 years ago - I have 2 healthy boys who are now 20 and 17 - but my 17 year old had meningitis at just 9 weeks along with encephalitis, thankfully he is a normal boy and was left with just deafness in one ear.

3 years after he was born, i fell preganant with a much loved daughter and was so excited, tragedy struck when i went into prem labour and was initially told it was a water infection but then on an amnio swab was told my waters were breaking... i lost Shelby she died in my arms. I fell pregnant very quickly and again sadly at 20 weeks lost my son Jack to the same thing.

i am now convinced i had GBS when i had my 2nd son and that menigitis is a big link.

i am so sorry for you your loss xxxxxx


Hello hun, I'm so sorry you lost your baby boy. I lost my precious baby girl, Evie, at 39 weeks due to GBS. We had the meeting to discuss her post mortem results today. She was born on 12th Sep this year, having passed at some point the day before (we had listened to her heartbeat for almost an hour on the Monday, but when I got to the hospital on the Tuesday - in labour - she was gone). It's just devastating xx


I'm so so sorry to read this. My heart goes out to you - there really are no words. Hugs to you and your family


Thank you all for your comments your support has been invaluable for us. I hope you all have some sort of peace now in your lives and we are trying to strive too find in ours. xxx


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