Group B Strep Attacks again!!!

As people may have read on my previous blog my beautiful daughter was born with group b strep, she was treated for 7 days with antibiotics, finally given the all clear we were discharged to go home feeling completely out of the woods i decided to join this website to share my daughters story with other family's who have suffered the affects of group B strep and to find out more information on this, i did this when she was 3 weeks old, 4 weeks after posting on this blog my daughter became very ill again 7 weeks old and having already had GBS and reading the small percentages of babies getting it again i thought there was no way on earth she could have it, she became so ill so quickly she was refusing her feeds in the morning which made me concerned n then i felt her early afternoon and she had a tempreture and wasnt stirring for her next due bottol and became very floppy when i done her tempreture it was 38.1 so i immediatly rushed her to my local accident and emergency and didnt even wait to be called through i just walked in at first they refused to see my daughter and wasnt happy i just walked through but thankfully one nurse listened to me and went against her collegues and put me and olivia in a cubical checked her temp and it was 39 n put her on the monitor to check her pulse it was beating 100 beats too fast, they called the piediatrition who came immiediatly and took bloods put a canular in her hand and admitted her she was given 3 lots of antibiotics and fluids, i still was unaware what they were testing for everything was rushed around olivia the doctors n nurse were amazing that first night that agreed to see her and treated her, olivia was admitted although there was no hospital beds so they tryed to transfer us to another hospital which they found out they couldnt there was no beds in the whole of south east london, so we had to stay in this a&e cubical, at about 10.30pm a bed became avaliable at the hospital thank god and olivia was taken round to the childrens ward n the doctor discharged her the next day as he thought she 'seemed well enough to go home' and they were going to call me the next morning with her bloods and if she needed furthur antibiotics they would tell me then, that night i took her home, the next morning i had the phone call from the doctor asking me to bring her back to the hospital she had tested positive for the group b infection again! my heart sank i could not believe this was happening again, i rushed her straight back up to the hospital where she had another canular put back in her hand and was treated for 10 days this time! she is now home again thankfully i just want this nightmare to end i am constantly on edge worrying she will get it again! my poor baby has had the world chuck so much at her since the very moment she was born! hoping and praying this is the end of group b strep in my daughters life!

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  • Im so sorry to read this terrifying story. When my son had GBS at birth, i spent his first three months terrified that it might happen again as i knew it was possible. Thankfully he didnt have it a second time but. My heart goes out to you. I do hope this is the last of this horrible infection in your family! Offering prayers for you all.

  • Wishing you and your family well and hoping that your lovely baby is now well.

  • Thank you both it really is an awful experience, im sorry you have been through this too, its such a worrying time, the hospital kept telling how 'uncommon' this infection is, it just kept stressing me out because if its so 'uncommon' how has my daughter contracted it a second time? the doctor couldn't answer me or tell me if she was treated right the first time round which i am now questioning, im just praying my little angel builds up the immunity she needs against this horrible infection! wishing both your families health, wealth and happiness so glad your little boy is happy and healthy again!

  • Our dauber had to go in having been in Special care for 2 weeks, home one night GBSS symptoms back in, lumbar puncture, V antibiotics, home 2 weeks later on oral antibiotics which she wouldn't take - only weighed 3lb 11oz, home one night home, back again, lumbar puncture, I'VE antibiotics. Se made it. There but for the grace of God goes she ... The hospital didn't tell me what it was until I asked several times. Wy is their fear with GP's midwives and hospitals to say Group B Strep out loud! Come medical staff DO SOMETHING to make that change!

  • I really hope that's the last of your troubles and your family can go on being healthy now xx

  • am so sorry to read your story i hope everything is ok! My son is 4 now but when i was having him was the first time i had heard about strep b and as my first son was 6wks early i didnt know much about it. But when i was booked in for planned c-section private medical care i asked for the test and in my pregnancy notes i had 5 tests and strep b was not issolated. After c-section no medicine was given to me or him and 4wks later we neally lost him to meningitis, everyday is a battle but he is doing well, is has austism and learning differiculties but is the sweetest little boy, i was very lucky. But 2 years later and the same thing happen to my little girl. U just dont know whats in store when you have kids, but am just so lucky with my 2 i tell all my friends to make sure they have the tests, as you are better to be aware, i wish sometimes that i had someone to tell me.

  • OMG, I just cannot believe what am reading. I had lots of miscariages over my life span, the last two in particular was in Jan.last year and the other was in October , I had requested my medical notes even though I couldnt understand some of the consultants handwritting but what had struck me was that I was tested postive for strep b group. My first ms/c was due to an infection at 13 weeks with bleeding and the second was at 16 weeks and 4 days, again due to infection. I had protein in my urine went I went in to see my midwife, nothing was said to me there and then. At my 16 weeks scan my water rapture at home and I went tinto the hospital and I lost the baby.

    I do have a history of underlyning problems so I have a gynea that's handling my case but I still refusing from accepting that strep b dosen't causes ms/c, I keep on explaing to the doctors that an infection is not in our bodies to enhance it but to destroy everything in its path and been pregnant is not exempt for the baby to be destroyed by this parisite. How many MS/C is going to happen before NHS researches come to realise that strep b group does causes MS/C. Even though it may not affects us when we are not pregnant but it affect the pregnancy progress. To be having constant urinary tract infection have to coming fom somewhere.

    With that been said I know that there are different types of infections some can be very difficult to treat while some spread very quickly but I believe HNS should let it known to pregnant women about the severe effect an infection can have on both mother and baby, never would I ever have thought that strep b group can give your baby meningistic, now how mny of mothers know that ? I don't know how to convince my doctor that sterp b group has the propensity of causing miscarriage, when I had my miscarriage, there was nothing wrong with the product of the miscarriage or anything wrong with the membrane, the only thing that was discovered was I have urinary tract infection and strep b group, thats what had happen in my first M/C.

    After I had my m/c I requested my medical notes and only to discoverd I had it, I was not even inform by the hospital. I was given an appointment for a follow up and I had was to ask my doctor to confirm I had strep b and she did, what would happen if I didn't ask for my medical notes ? I would be ignorant of it, now am plannign on getting pregnant again, I am some what harm with a little knowledge about strep b and it's adverse and potential death sentence hanging over my babys head, I dear not taking any chances by sitting down and keeping my mouth close where my health is concern, I rather do something than not doing anything. But I still believe that NHS need to inform mothers of the risk of strep b, than saying that you can only be tested late in pregnancy, an infection can and will rapture your water anytime. Pls let me know what you think about my opinion. Cheers.

  • I have had a similar experience to yourself. 3 healthy pregnancies with healthy babi es then my 4th ended at 18 weeks due to infection, and like you the only bacteria picked up on was strep b. I then went on to have 2 more healthy babies, 1 with a positive strep test at 37 weeks. I do think it is played down, perhaps for the fear of worry but in a case of recurrence like yours, information is power. Good luck for the future.

  • Thanks weemump because I am at my wits end with worries and frustration now as what will happen if am pregnat again.

  • Perhaps let your doc see this, may help

  • thanks a lot for this info because it makes sense to me.

  • Thank u all for your kind words my daughter is back to health thank god I now have to just wait and see if her development is going to be affected group B strep has honestly been the worst experience of my life and I will never feel at ease where my children's health is concernedbecause of it even now my daughter's 8 months old and every time she gets a temp or poorly I immediately think the worst it's horrible I never knew anything about group B strep in any of my pregnancies and when my daughter was ill with it they never explained it tome it's very much like they no little about this and ssomething needs to be done

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