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Healthy happy baby!

Just wanted to write a post to reassure ladies who may have received a positive test for GBS. I tested positive and of course was really worried about it in the run up to my due date. Thankfully, the hospital gave me the IV antibiotics and my baby boy George was born healthy and well. We were both monitored for 24hrs after the birth as well to make sure nothing developed. Looking back I'm so glad I found out about GBS so the appropriate steps could be taken to keep my baby safe.


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Fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing and huge congratulations on George's safe arrival 💙💛


Thank you for this post I am 7 months pregnant and so nervous about this.


It's great to know about group B Strep when you're pregnant, so you can ensure appropriate steps are taken that HUGELY reduce the chance of your newborn baby developing GBS infection.

There's lots of information at and or do get in touch the GBSS team on 01444 416176 or

We're here to help :)


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